July 25 2018 Daily check-in

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Re: July 25 2018 Daily check-in

Post by itspennyc »

It is getting closer to when AT&T will be in my apartment to upgrade my connection. They just upgraded their lines to their “Fiber”. They need to do something in my apartment. I hope it don’t raise my bill too much.

While I am waiting for the yarn I ordered to arrive I am knitting my shawl. I just put in what I hope will be my last life line. I just started the edge stitches.

I saw a cockroach this morning. The first one I have seen since I moved in here. I have a problem with ants that they can’t seem to get rid of. They seem to love the stuff the exterminator uses.

Not much else is new.


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Re: July 25 2018 Daily check-in

Post by AnneX »

Good morning

I decided to go to the farmers market at city hall this morning. It is another very hot sticky day but it wasn't too bad down there. i took the subway there and back and got some cash at the bank machine on route.

now I have a good supply of fruit (probably too much) as well as radishes and garlic. i also bought a bunch of prettysweet peas - i know they won't last long but i'll enjoy them in the meantime.

Lunch today will, be salami, cheese, French bread and raw veggies. Supper will probably be pasta with pesto and a salad. i'll need to go to the supermarket as I'm almost out of salad greens and right out of carrots. i'll pick up a couple of specials at the same time.

the new owners of our apartment building aren't wasting any time. They are renovating empty suites and replacing lighting in the hallways and underground garage. I can hear some thunks but the noise isn't bad so far.

i want to do some work on some things for the board of our seniors group this afternoon.

Right now i think I'll go stretch out on my bed and read my book club book until it's time for lunch.

Take care,

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Re: July 25 2018 Daily check-in

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon ...
Sunny and supposed to get near 90 right now. I got to sleep in a bit today (save for Little Girl deciding we should get up at 6 ... nope, not today.)
DH finally got an appointment with a new doctor. His first choice in the practice we were looking at couldn't see him until October; luckily another doc has an opening next month. Now I have to find a doctor for myself ...
Anyway, DH has been off running errands. I cleaned up some paid work that had fallen behind schedule (I've found that folks are really bad at following directions these days.) Also have some productive puttering to do.

Mackie, I'm with you on pie ... my favorite is peach, but cherry comes in a close second!

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Re: July 25 2018 Daily check-in

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It’s 88º here today, but for some reason feels cooler. Maybe, the humidity has dropped for I ate breakfast on the patio this morning and it was very pleasant.

One of these days, I will learn to not deviate from my routine. It hadn’t happened to me in awhile and I had gotten complacent. Yesterday I lost a long post and the same thing happened today. I seem to get about half way through and poof I hit a letter and it’s gone. I am making a mental note to myself right now to put up a notepad and write out the post before copying to Frugal Living.

I haven’t accomplished a great deal today, but don’t need to. I have 99% of my clothes laid out ready for packing and I want actually pack until Saturday afternoon. The only appointment I have left is to have my hair styled on Friday morning and will get a manicure in the afternoon. I am really looking forward to seeing all my old friends.

My brother came through his surgery just great yesterday and the Surgeon. told his wife this morning that he got all the cancer and no chemo or radiation is needed. They gave him some sort of hormone injection back in January hoping to reduce the cancer in the prostate and it worked. His had shrunk by 1/3 making the surgery much easier on the surgeon. God is good.

I haven’t told either my sister or brother that I will need cataract surgery , as they both need a break from worry after what they have both been through this year. I will tell them once I have the date set up, but Mr. B has already said he will be coming to stay with me.

I thought about making a couple more scrubbies for Mr. B and I. Mine is still useable, but it doesn’t look to pretty. I let it get into the garbage disposal and it messed it up a little. Mr. B’s pillowcases were about all I could handle for him this trip. I am happy with the way they turned out, but I think I will stick to my regular pillowcases and buy them. Material has become so high you sure don’t save any money by making them yourself. The only advantage is getting a much larger size to make it easy to put the pillow inside. I can live with a little struggle.

Everyone have a wonderful day. Sandi and Bev, I too had wondered about Frugal Mom. I bet she’s just got her hands full with her hubby's illness and I think her oldest Son was getting married this summer. I know the youngest boy keeps her on the road with his basketball. Just pray everything is ok with her. I try to keep up with Lynn - Justin’s Mom on her blog and I know he’s getting married this year. I don’t know if she’s posted on here since she lost her Mom, but that was over a year ago.

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Re: July 25 2018 Daily check-in

Post by LWolfT »

Libby I'm glad to hear your brother came through surgery OK. What great news!

BTW, everyone I've known who has had cataract surgery has been glad it was done ... and came through just fine.

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Re: July 25 2018 Daily check-in

Post by clemencia2us »

yes - all the people I know that have had cataract surgery recently are doing well. So simple now.

I've been busy all day. And i'm just taking a break to post before I take off again.

Today wasn't as warm. Did our breakfast and then took some school supplies to a local place that was collecting

Took older sibling to her heart doctor. Doing very well. Went out to eat. Went to get the COD something to eat. Took the pets out.

Now going to another weekly gathering.

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