Daily check in August 12, 2018

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Daily check in August 12, 2018

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Good morning all. Just to get us started.

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2018

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Good morning all,

Today should be another good day. Even though I was frustrated with the rainy weather yesterday, I still got things done in the house. An important chore was taking the large package of chicken thighs and cooking, skinning and deboning before chopping and refreezing. It is disappointing that I only got 3 pints out of the package. I decided to thaw out another large package and repeat today. Of course, the chicken fat goes to the freezer to use in cooking and the chicken jelly will be the basis for chicken soup in the fall.

In addition, I will visit save a lot this morning before the rain sets in and stock up on canned green beans and mushroom. I buy them by the case. Also whole chickens are on sale.

The rain yesterday meant that I had to hang laundry inside. It worked out ok and I only had to dry them a little bit. I now have 6 clean tee shirts to recycle into other things.

Today, I will continue re-organizing. I have several small cabinets in the kitchen that are unused. They are the ones over the stove and over the frig. They are inconvenient and generally warm, so I don't want to store much there. The problem is that I am downsizing and storing stuff I don't use is contrary to downsizing. :?

I also have identified several other areas where I have wasted or unused space. I am working myself up to getting rid of my mother's set of stemware. I treasured them when I was younger, but frankly, they no longer fit my lifestyle and are not even in good condition. Since hubs and I don't drink alcohol anymore, it seems a waste to keep them. My kids don't drink either, so they are of no value to them. Downsizing is tough.

Today, I am grateful for my new coffee pot and the coffee in it. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2018

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Kind of overcast this morning
It has rained around the area, but not here. Just a few sprinkles

Not sure what the day holds. Going to play it by ear.

Teh days are just speeding by!

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2018

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Good Morning,
I was up and attended 7:30 Mass, have read my paper and am finishing my cup of coffee. Once DS is up, we'll get started n some shopping. We have 3 or 4 stores to visit. I did peek in his car this morning and he did clean it out in the past 2 days. Not sure if he will want my car on Tuesday to load it up. Now I will be happy to drive his to work.

Later tonight I hope to visit with DS1 and family.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2018

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Good morning fellow frugalites,

Since the temperature reached 40 here yesterday and the night did not cool down Mass is going to be extremely hot and I am bringing a hand fan with me. At least it will circulate the air. Thankfully I do not do any reading or distributing of communion in any way, shape or form today. It will be much too hot up on the sanctuary.

I snuck outside for about 30 minutes and battled the mosquitoes for the green beans. I probably have enough for another two bags of frozen. Ahh the joys of harvesting are coming thick and furious, along with welts, bites and tired feet.

Frugally speaking since today is not an envelope day we will be having a no spend day (well at least until we see if we have an inner working to our now defunct toilet).

I plan on taking my walk very soon. It will be a very short one as it is already very warm out perhaps just a few blocks. Then it will be back inside to see what kind of trouble I can get into. Amazingly the embroidery is moving along very well. It is just a stamped runner that I think I picked up at the church rummage sale (which reminds me I haven't seen the CWL advertise one in the last year????) and what I had thought was fairly simple turned out to have a bit more embroidery on it than I though. Oh well I am hopeful it will be finished by the end of next week.

I was going to make roast chicken today, but have decided to wait for cooler temperatures to prevail. I am going to do stuffed chicken breasts in the electric roaster instead. They take less cooking time and the more I practice using the roaster the better I will get at cooking with it.

So along with the chicken breasts I will use up the remaining green beans, the remaining mashed potatoes, and the raw veggies and dip will be added to the meal as well. Slowly but surely working on using things up in the pantry and freezers.

Today I am grateful for my short hair. I can only imagine how it would feel to have all that hair back in this heat.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily check in August 12, 2018

Post by alliesmama4 »

We are having decent weather for the next several days with temps in the high 80's and low 90's. It is hard to believe that August is almost half over.. I am so looking forward to Fall.. I hate hot weather..

Not much going on here. I am just puttering and cooking.Tomorrow I am going to check on my peaches.. The limbs are loaded and they seem to be ripening well.. I need to start to pick them before someone comes in and strips my trees. My SIL gave me a lot of pint sized canning jars since she will no longer be canning and they will come in handy for canning peaches. Also some 1/2 pint jars and I will be making low sugar peach jam. My apples are also ripening but not ready to be picked.. A few fell off of the tree with high wind so I will be cooking them in the next week or so.. Found some strawberries on the new plants.. You are suppose to pick the blossoms off the first year but I decided to let some of them fruit since the plants are in terracotta pots and I am not sure if they will make it through the winter.. This is the first time I have planted in pots. In the past have planted them in the ground. So I thought I should enjoy a few in case I loose them during the winter.. Also found a few wild grapes growing in my yard. It is fun to stumble upon these little gems.. Nothing significant but will add a tiny bit to a fruit salad.

Everyone have a good and frugal day. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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