Stash Use It Up Challenge

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Re: Stash Use It Up Challenge

Post by Jackielou » Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:03 am

So what has disappeared out of my stash of fabric and yarn this month?

The remains of some yarn (approximately 50 gm) knitting the prayer shawl.

Four fairly large pieces of fabric, some of which I had planned on sewing last winter and never got around to it.

Three smaller, saved pieces of fabric that I made into infinity scarves ( have some smaller pieces of fabric from the projects I made this month that could be made into some more scarves).

No yarn bits and bobs completely used up in the fashioning of the knit temperature blanket, but a few are getting close.

Six balls of white Nantuk yarn have been used in the knitting of the cardi. A few more will disappear as I have more to go.

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