Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

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Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

Post by frugalaaron »

Good morning all.

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Re: Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

I overslept and it is an office day. I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth, threw on clothes, gathered my stuff and raced out the door. I was about 15 minutes late, but was still the first on in the office. We have heavy rains. The Ohio River will hit moderate flood stage. The temperatures are supposed to drop and a the rain to to a wintery mix.

Yesterday I ended up with 17 pages of answers to the annulment questions. shew. I felt lighter. I was able to put a lot of feelings into words for the first time.

I stopped by DS1's house. The boys are bouncing off the walls and the parents are running out of patience. I agreed to babysit Wednesday, oh, that is tomorrow, night so they can have an early Valentines dinner. DS1 has class.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

When I saw the date, I thought for a moment it was the second day of the twelfth month and wondered where the rest of the year disappeared to. Then I remembered that was how Americans short formed the date. Whew, thought I had slept the year away.

Not feeling to good this morning, achy, headache, and stuffed nose. I may just be coming down with something. I will be staying in today, I don't want to feel worse by being out in the cold air too much. And it is cold again today, our brief warm up was exactly that, one day, then the polar vortex or whatever you want to call it descended upon us once again. Right now it is -35 C but feels like -42 C. Brrr, I do hope Hubby gets his truck started again today.

I will go down to the basement and try to do some walking, however I probably won't be going as quickly as I usually do or perhaps for as long. I still need to walk for at least 25 minutes straight in order to facilitate the building of bone mass. Especially as my bones are soooo bad (at least that is what the Doctor said the scan showed).

I do have a short chore list (well not quite as long as Mondays) to accomplish and now that I finished the skirt, if I feel up to it I just may cut out a few more winter patterns to sew. Than again I can always get back to hand quilting that quilt that has been lying around for too many years.

Hubby came up looking for a gift I had bought him many years ago and I know I gave it to him before the flooded basement to have downstairs. Well now it seems to have disappeared. We need to find that as it was a fairly expensive gift at the time and represented his job in the oil patch. I think I have an idea of where it might be and will look there after my morning walk. Hubby would be so happy if it was found, so would I.

Frugally speaking I will be conducting another scavenger hunt of the fridge freezer, I know I saw a package of frozen beef roast that could and should be used in tonight's supper. I really am getting that sucker cleaned out, and if youngest DS does actually come home this weekend I should get the darn thing even cleaner.

So as all of you can see, the same old, same old is going on here. Nothing really new or exciting happens here very often. We like it this way for the most part the days pass with a steadiness that we enjoy. The most exciting thing so far this week has been getting the truck started!!

Supper tonight will be made with that package of leftover roast beef. I am thinking a hash would be nice and it would be very warming. I will serve a salad along with it.

Today I am grateful that the cat is sitting on my feet keeping them toasty warm.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...
Rainy and foggy right now ... supposed to get snow later.

Out yesterday with an appointment and errands ... though I was able to get all my errands done in the same shopping center, so a frugal win on gas.

I'm as far as I can get on taxes ... waiting on one more form.

Today ... bit of work, then I'll see what else I can get into. Dinner will be a baked chicken recipe that I found on Pinterest ... (should go revise my meal plan, too, since we had leftovers last night.)

And CG ... a belated happy birthday. Hope you got to watch one of the lovely sunsets in Key West!!

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Re: Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. We are expecting a wintry mix of rain and snow this morning and then high winds this afternoon in to evening.. Tomorrow looks like a much better day.

Teddi's vet called yesterday with the x-ray report of his back. She had read it and showed it to me at the office but it had to be sent to a radiologist. The report stated his back is in great shape. He seems to have returned to his previous activity level. He is to continue on his doggie IBP until gone which will be on Thursday. I am having to watch his activity level to keep him from jumping up and down off of the furniture as a preventive. I on the other hand fell this morning. I lost my balance and fell forward. I was close to the couch so it was not a full flat fall but enough that I have aches and pains. I am hoping that with rest and some aspirin (3) things will be better later today or tomorrow.
Have a good day. Stay safe and warm. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check-In: 2/12/19

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Well, it started snowing here about 1/2 hour ago and although it's light, the ground is already covered because it's been cold the last few days. We're supposed to get a sloppy mess today, starting as snow, to sleet to freezing rain and then just plain rain. I'm hoping that the rain is heavy enough to wash away the worst of it.

I have a few chores to do today, but only about a half hour's worth of work. Then I have a few bills to pay.

I went to the store before it started to snow because I wanted another loaf of bread just in case the power went out which I seriously doubt but could. I stopped for a minute at the magazine rack to look at the puzzle magazines and found one of Logic Problems. I took a quick look at it and then looked at the price . . . wow . . . $9. I suppose the cost per puzzle isn't bad, 8 cents each, but when you first see the price it's WOW. It's a good thing I had subscribed for years for these puzzles. I have books galore that I can print from and still maintain the puzzle books.

Have been looking still for a P/T job, one for only a few hours a week (8-10), rare but they're out there as I recently missed out on one for which I know I would have gotten hired. It's really not for the money more for just getting out of the apartment more, but I don't want to volunteer my time either. I guess that's being selfish on my part, but having worked 50 plus years of my life, I really do feel my time is worth something more than free. And one of the few things my sister and I agree on, I will not take on a caregiver or companion type job. Been there, done that and NOT doing it again.

The closer I get to April I am really fearing the inevitable of having the procedure done on my eyes for the narrow angle glaucoma. It scares me to death. I'm still afraid that I'll blink from the light and the holes will end up in my eyelids instead of where they're supposed to be. And I have to do it twice as I need it done on both eyes.

Well, everyone in the bad weather path, stay safe. Have a wonderful day.

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