Daily Check In April 14, 2019

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Daily Check In April 14, 2019

Post by Jackielou » Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:57 am


Off to get coffee. Back ASAP

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Re: Daily Check In April 14, 2019

Post by Jackielou » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:15 am

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Up a bit later than usual due to me staying up later to read. I am also not sleeping the best so I guess I needed some extra shut eye.

I have planned to do a few of Monday's chores today as we will not be home long enough for me to accomplish them tomorrow. We will likely leave around 10 am. This really cuts down on cleaning and chore time. So laundry and a couple of other chores usually done tomorrow will in fact be done at some point today.

Yesterday I finished the 4th quilt top, cleaned out and moved out the set of plastic drawers in the sewing/craft room, and altered my skirts. I even managed to get some knitting done on the prayer shawl (which hopefully will be completed at some point today, unless I get sidetracked by something or other). I still have lots to accomplish on the goal list but it is slowly but surely shrinking. Today I will work on some patterns I have cut out, the prayer shawl, and mounting some of my cross stich (at least three more pieces) after Mass and the household chores.

I have sent my availability into the person who does the scheduling. I said I would not be available next month. This is mainly because I don't know what is happening as of yet, and I have a feeling I just may say unavailable in June and July as well. By that time I should know whether or not I want to really continue in the various ministries, or what is happening to my medically (heck I should know that by mid Monday). Really I do think it is time for me to draw back even more and I may just be writing a letter to the effect by this time next week.

Supper tonight will be roast chicken, roasted potatoes, carrots and asparagus. Carrots and potatoes will be thrown in the roaster and since Hubby does not like roast asparagus I will cook it my normal way on the stove top.

Off to start my day's work (list making, laundry and whatever else hits my fancy).

Today I am grateful that the rain and snow we were supposed to get tomorrow has moved on. Should be a nice trip into the city.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In April 14, 2019

Post by LWolfT » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:53 am

Jackie ((((hugs!!)))) Holding you in my thoughts.

It's raining and cold here, so a dreary day.
I didn't sleep well last night due to an upset stomach, then really nasty leg cramps, so dragging today.

Anyway, got photos taken at opening day for the baseball league. It is fun to watch the littlest players <g>.

Want to drop by Meijer today. Need to return something, and will probably spend that $ and a bit more on a few things we need. Outside of that, I'll see what chores I can accomplish. Plan on baking my ham today ... good day to run the oven!

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Re: Daily Check In April 14, 2019

Post by floridacatlover » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:25 am

Good morning all.

Jackie, I’ll be thinking of you and praying that all goes well tomorrow.

I wish that we’d hear from LittleMiss but I’m hoping that she is recuperating with her daughter. Love you, LittleMiss!

I’m planning a lazy day and will probably stay home. It is overcast and breezy and it is supposed to rain this evening and I hope that we get it.

Yesterday I worked in the yard at mom’s house rather than the garage. Trimmed some things on the side and raked leaves. There are some “shrubs” that grow like crazy and I think are junk plants but not sure. They may even be oak tree sprouts. I’ll ask my neighbor but I doubt he’ll know. Maybe a visit to the agriculture extension office is in order in the next few weeks.

Everything is growing fast. I’m going to trim the schefflera plant in the front again and mom’s Florida gardenia on the side is getting too tall. If I don’t trim these things soon I’ll have trouble reaching them even with the ladder.

I want to watch the LiveStream of Pete Buttigieg’s formal presidential announcement this afternoon. I’ve read that Facebook is down. (Tried to check on my friend visiting Romania and couldn’t connect.) Twitter is working. The Pete for America event had to be moved indoors because of the bad weather you Indiana ladies are having today.

I have not contacted my insurance agent about my new roof. I need to do this this week and hope it will cut my bill somewhat. I pay in July but they send the bill early so getting them the form and photos is important. Homeowners insurance where I live near the coast is very pricy so every little bit helps.

Have a good day.
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Re: Daily Check In April 14, 2019

Post by clemencia2us » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:26 am

Good morning

Finally the winds have stopped. We had bad weather around parts of Texas yesterday. Even some fatalities.

Today is very sunny and cool. Very comfortable

I’m still lounging in bed having my coffee

Hope all have a great day

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Re: Daily Check In April 14, 2019

Post by jckitty » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:39 am

Good morning all,

Like Wolf said, weather here sucks dishwater...cold, windy and wet. I turned on my twinkle lights. needed some cheer.

I had to bump the furnace and even turned on the gas fireplace for a bit. The fiancé told me last night that he heard we "might" have some snow flurries. He had better be wrong!!!

Colonial girl have you tried timed release melatonin? DD takes it and swears by it. I know about insomnia, after awhile it makes me feel mean, and fussy whiny. I hope you get better soon. I feel for you sister, I really do!

Because the weather is so sucky, looks like I will just piddle around the house today. I will clean and polish the kitchen island/wine rack. My life is so exciting LOL...
Supper will be roast beef, mashed potatoes , fried cabbage , salad and apple streusel cake from the German bakery we visited yesterday . I only bought 2 pieces because we don't need any more than that.

Off to piddle around, have a great day all.

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