Daily Check in April 15, 2019

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Daily Check in April 15, 2019

Post by mbrudnic » Mon Apr 15, 2019 7:17 am

Good Morning Friends,

I am feeling ... unsettled. Not sure why. But of course I've been this way for a couple of week. Preferring to immerse myself in reading fiction than anything else. I need to kick it to the curb. I had both my Mom and my brother ask me if I was OK Saturday.

My kids said Ex has finally quit his job. He is tired of all of the traveling. he never was a good traveler. It's about time. I can't help but wonder if he had decided to change his job before he changed our marriage... But enough of that. I never felt like he naturally put the betterment of the family first in any decision he made.

Anyways, it is nose to the grindstone today with studying.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in April 15, 2019

Post by Jackielou » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:09 am

Good morning fellow frugalites,

The sun is shining again today after a day of mostly rain. Fact is we could actually use more rain, things are pretty darn dry around here.

I have a few short jobs to accomplish and then it will be off to the bigger city. Like Maggie I am feeling unsettled, but I know the reason why. The unknown has always been a problem for me and many a time I become the "glass is half empty" person I was in my youth. Today I am really going to concentrate on letting go and letting God handle everything for me. One nice thing is I got a message last night from one sister-in-law who went through her own cancer scare saying she will be thinking of me today.

I finished the prayer shawl last night and started on using up some leftover yarn by making small squares (going to use up the thinner yarns first). I hope to have enough of those squares to make a blanket or two.

Cleaned out some drawers in the sewing/craft room yesterday as well as found two more cookbooks to go through and then add to the donate pile. I am up to 155 items (without these 2 cookbooks) that have left my home either by donation, give away, or trashed because they are just no good any longer.

I am hoping to eat in the city tonight and get to visit youngest DS for a bit. We will see how I am feeling emotionally after this visit. Might not even get to Costco if I am down. If we get home I may just tell Hubby it is a forage for yourself day.

Today I am grateful that the unknown, whatever it is, will become known today.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in April 15, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:46 am

Good frosty morning. We have ( 30 F) ( 1 C) with a wind chill of (25 F) ( -4 C ). They are not sure what the freeze will do to existing vegetation. My pear and peach trees were blossoming out.. Will just have to wait and see. The high winds the other day brought some small branches down and a ton of twigs.. So yard work today. When I went to bed last night there were still 5000 people in the St. Louis area without power. Although we had high winds the damage in towns was more due to trees coming down.

I have to take Teddi in for his monthly grooming appointment.. Then while he is there need to go to the bank. Received a letter the other day from a company that I bought gluten free food from that their online system was hijacked. They are offering free identity theft protection for one year. A while back someone had used my debit card illegally so I am assuming this was the source of the loss. Not sure if the bank will get their money back but at least makes me feel better that I did not do anything wrong.

Received a letter from Social Security that I no longer qualify for medicare assistance in paying for my Medicare D premium so starting in May it will be taken out of my SS check.

Received the test results from my Life Line screening and everything is normal.. My Dr and nurse practitioner were wanting me to go to a cardiologist due to being high risk for a stroke or heart attack. I cannot take oral statins and they were wanting me to have some kind of an injection to lower my cholesterol. That shot last for 6 months. What if I have a reaction to it and it is in my system for 6 months? Yikes. Anyway everything is normal so will take the letter to them and try to get my cholesterol down with making dietary changes.

Also will have to go to Walmart to pick up an RX. Then pick up a few fresh produce items. Also Teddi is out of dog food after he has his breakfast this morning. Works out great from Monday to Monday that he has his fresh dog food.

Jackie good luck. Let us know how things are when you feel up to posting.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.
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Re: Daily Check in April 15, 2019

Post by itspennyc » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:50 am

I have been sleeping so much better since I got my new mattress. Now waking up multiple times during the night are the exception rather than the norm.

I hope to find out more about when AT&T will do the next two steps of installing the fibre. So I can actually save some money.

They said they would be here Monday, I don’t know. The phone number to call was not very helpful in the past. They keep setting up the wrong people.

I am on the line with AT&T trying to find out when they will be coming as I am stuck in the apartment until they come. True I am home most of the time, but I don’t like being forced to stay home not know if or when they are coming.

So far I think have been getting the information I need this morning.


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Re: Daily Check in April 15, 2019

Post by floridacatlover » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:31 am

Good morning all.

Jackie, I’ll be thinking of you. Have a safe trip. I’m glad that you will get answers today.

Maggie, I’m glad that you have your upcoming Italy trip. With your Catholic faith I’m sure it will be very meaningful. (It was meaningful to me years ago and I’m not even Catholic!) I very often feel unsettled and I don’t even have a good reason.

I haven’t been outside today but I think it is cooler. It rained last night. Nice and sunny today.

At mom’s house I first plan to trim the schefflera and then perhaps the Florida gardenia. Both require the ladder. I may then continue painting the window sills and a cabinet in the garage.

I have badly timed my gas purchases. Gas was lower last week for a day or two but it is now back to $2.79. But I need it. Also will go to Publix for tp and a few things. I bought a 4-roll pack of Publix brand tp to try it and now will buy a 12-roll pack. Recently I became unhappy with Aldi tp.

I called for Pippi’s annual vet visit next week. This is always stressful. She is doing well and in addition to the necessary shots I want to be sure I can get ongoing Rx for the thyroid food. So she may need the special thyroid test. Cha-Ching.

I left a message for the SHINE counselor at my local library. This is called SHIP in other states. They are volunteer Medicare counselors who help people like me turning 65. Appointment will probably be next month because they have limited hours. My mom used a Medicare Advantage plan and was happy with it but I’m thinking of a Medicare supplement instead at least to start.

I watched Pete Buttigieg’s POTUS announcement. Inspiring but I almost wish he wasn’t running because of what’s ahead for him. I think the election is a foregone conclusion. Oh well.

Have a good day

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Re: Daily Check in April 15, 2019

Post by clemencia2us » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:41 am

Hope you feel better Maggie

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