Daily Check in Aug 17, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 17, 2019

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Dogs walked, I had our pool water tested at Leslies, the water is fine :D We are having a pool party in a couple of weeks,

I work on the back yard and house bit by bit.

I did do quite a bit of de-cluttering last year and it is paying off.Not everything is perfect, but I am hopeful there will be no "panic" packing. LOL as you may know things "panic" packed often disappear for years.

Maggie, may the rigth job find you.


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Re: Daily Check in Aug 17, 2019

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Good luck Maggie!

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 17, 2019

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Good afternoon all,

Maggie - good thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. Jackie I hope you have a great time shopping in the big city and have a nice visit with your son. Don't feel bad about spending a little more money than usual as you'll save in the end. Small towns can't compete and you don't have as much competition.

Dh got up at the crack of dawn to buy a new tv (43 inch) from Shoppers Drug Mart. He called yesterday to make inquiries and discovered each store only has 2 of each tv to sell. We also got a special promotion of a $25 gift card. He gave the card to me and we also will receive some Optimum points for this purchase. This is a Smart tv and we've never had one. Dh hasn't set it up yet. I think I'd like to be out of the house when he does.

Today is my laundry day and I hung all the loads outside. I have brought some in but most is still drying. Bed sheets were changed and bed has been made up. New towels placed out. It is pleasantly warm but not hot outside.

While outside I noticed we have some more green beans to pick so I did that. There's not enough for a meal but I also had some sugar snap peas that need using up so will saute the two with some garlic. We're also having baked zucchini strips as a vegetable. The kale needs picking but I'll leave that until tomorrow so it is as fresh as possible. I also picked some rhubarb and poached it for dessert for dinner.

After dh and I got the tv and had breakfast, we went for our run. My time was longer than usual but I'm just celebrating that I actually went as I was sick a couple of days ago.

Just a pretty boring day around home!

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 17, 2019

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Back home stocked up groceries put away.

The meat will be done at some point tomorrw. I am just too tired to face that task tonight.

Spent more than planned but have enough of the few over the counter meds we take to last a year, some even longer.

Fabric bought to keep me happy for a very long time.

There will be a few things I will have to order online to finish things for my Cricut.

Off to rest. See you all tomorrow.

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