Kindle Paperwhite vs Ipad or some other reader?

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Kindle Paperwhite vs Ipad or some other reader?

Post by frugalmom »

Hi everybody!!!

Lately, I am having problems seeing esp at night-blurry/fuzzy-I am squinting right now! Esp small fonts! So forgive me, if I misspell words or other errors, I won't even notice as if it is a comma or period bc I cannot see! My books are piling up as I can no longer read them. I just got reading glasses that help some but even that in light (think I may need brighter light or something) does not help much!

Ok so I was reading paperwhite Kindles and Ipad are good-although I really like a regular book and not all books come in large print-darn! Bible is very hard for me to read too-and I wanted the translation one which has additional notes and I asked why did they not have that in large print but they said can you imagine if it was how big it would be-sigh!

So if you have bad vision (and I wear noth contacts and glasses) what is best to be able to read books again? What do you like to use? And what made the difference for you?
Is there some other type of ereader out there-someone said something like Cobalt Kobal or something like that? Has anyone heard pf this before and how is it? Supposedly cheaper? Does it work well? Thank you ahead of time for your recommendations!

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Re: Kindle Paperwhite vs Ipad or some other reader?

Post by Quilter51 »

Any kindle will allow you to adjust the size of font, and almost all will.allow you to choose the type of font and even the background color. You can get a kindle app for a tablet or computer but I would spend the money for a real kindle or a kindle fire. The other thing to consider is if you want something smaller or bigger. I choose to have a fire instead of a regular kindle because of the protective screen which protects my old eyes.

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Re: Kindle Paperwhite vs Ipad or some other reader?

Post by LogicsHere »

I have a Kindle Fire 7 and a Kindle Fire 10 and for reading, my preference is the Kindle Fire 7 as it's more like holding a real book. The Kindle 10 is awkward to hold for reading, but isn't bad if you watch tv or movies on it. I initially bought the Fire because it's a tablet as opposed to just an ereader.

I, too, have been considering the purchase of another Kindle; Ipads are just too expensive for me. The problem I have with the Kindle Fire is the glare. I can use it indoors, but it's totally useless outside. Not sure about the paperwhite as I've never seen one outright, but they do say it's better for outdoors. The paperwhite goes for between $89.99 to $134 or so without what they call special offers. The Kindle 7 will go for about $49.99 to $84.99 They say the Special Offers (on the lower priced ones) are ads that appear on the lock screen, but when you open it, they go away . . . have no way of knowing if that's true or not.

I hadn't used it much in the last 3 or so years as I was trying to read all the paperback books I purchased over the years that I promised I was going to read when I retired. I have picked it up again this past week or so.

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Re: Kindle Paperwhite vs Ipad or some other reader?

Post by Jackielou »

Any ereader lets you change the font size. I would try that before buying a different ereader.

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Re: Kindle Paperwhite vs Ipad or some other reader?

Post by MackerelCat »

I use a Samsung Galaxy A tablet as an e-reader. It accepts the free reading apps for Barnes and Noble (Nook), Amazon's Kindle, Kobe reader and Google Books. The type and brightness are adjustable, and it has a setting that screens out blue light. It's easy to hold with one hand while reading or to prop up.

Also, I can check my e-mail on it and do some websurfing. It's not good to extended typing because the on-screen keyboard is tiny, but I really like it otherwise. It was something like $149 at Costco, and I bought a $13 cover for it off Amazon to protect it.

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Re: Kindle Paperwhite vs Ipad or some other reader?

Post by ohjodi »

I have the cheapest Kindle, and am going to upgrade to the Kindle Paperwhite with the Christmas money from my folks.

I LOVE having a Kindle. Most libraries' ebooks are in Kindle format. I get awesome book deals at You don't have to be a member of Amazon Prime to use a Kindle e-reader or buy books. Amazon lets you download samples of all the e-books, so you can read a bit before you decide to buy. Sometimes a book sample doesn't go much further than the table of contents, though! In those cases, I noticed that if you click on "paperback" instead at Amazon (you can't do that on the Kindle) and then "see inside" on the book cover, you can read much more of a book before deciding to buy.

You can shop directly from your Kindle, too.

I'm upgrading to the Paperwhite because it has a whiter screen, the fonts are sharper, and it has lighting. The lights shine across the screen, instead of being backlit like a tablet or phone. The blue light from backlit screens are known to mess with your circadian rhythms, and so can mess with your sleep. Also, I easily distract myself with the internet and watching movies on my computer. With just a Kindle, about all I can do is read.

There is an "experimental browser" on the Kindles, but it makes Facebook and webpages look like they would in 1942, lol, but it works well enough if that's all you have access to. I only ever used it when my computer broke for two weeks.......but you might be able to access your public library from it (I can), and borrow books that way. Otherwise you'll need to go to your library from your computer or phone to borrow books.

No matter how you buy or borrow books, they download automatically to your Kindle through its wireless access, which is your home's internet connection.

Amazon will have big sales on them from Thanksgiving through Christmas. I'll probably be able to get one for about $80-90 instead of the regular $130. I'd suggest getting one, trying it for a month, and returning it if you're not happy with it. You can return by mail, or at almost any Kohl's store.

My old Kindle I'll keep in my purse for when I'm out and about, and need 200+ books to read, LOL I have a lot of cookbooks on it, and it's great to have when grocery shopping and want a recipe. All the kindle books I have bought can be on both my old Kindle, and my new one.

I must add that some books are best in Hardback or paperback.....I have some beautiful Hardback cookbooks that are just boring on a Kindle. So getting an e-reader doesn't mean giving up real books for good.

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