Be Kind To Each Other

This is the front porch of our forum. Pull up a chair, and talk about whatever's on your mind.
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Be Kind To Each Other

Post by Jackielou »

It bothers me a great deal that some people feel uncomfortable or no longer happy to visit our home here on the forum.

My Frugal Home is and always will be a place where we can share our experiences, share frugal challenges, as well as frugal tips and mistakes.

It is also where we share lifes up and downs, births and deaths. It is where we feel safe sharing our thoughts and hopes.

No one is stalking anyone, no one should feel so unhappy being here that they don't feel comfortable visiting. Pulling up a chair to the table (so to speak) in the place where we care about each other is what we are about.

I feel each and everyone of you contribute immensely to the joy I find every day.

Be kind, be gentle but never, ever not say what you are thinking.

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Re: Be Kind To Each Other

Post by jgomez1002 »

I don't post very often anymore, but I feel that the "Frugal" is a big part of my family. My "REAL" life. You all have helped to build me and are part of who I am. I still creep in and read. I LOVE you all. I have been a member since the original Frugal Living was part of the Mining Company. I think that is what it was called. You all helped me when my Mom passed on 15 years ago. We are a caring family. I miss members that have gone by the wayside and wonder how they are doing.

Please by kind to each other. The world needs kindness. We need to build each other up. We need to suppoet each other. We may not always say what we really meant to say, but things don't always come out the same when typing. Please forgive each other.

Take care. We are one big family.

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