Daily Check In November 29, 2019

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Daily Check In November 29, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning, back to post once I finish with the Friday morning pill.

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Re: Daily Check In November 29, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Just a slight skiff of snow on the ground. The snow storm could have missed us, just bringing really bad headache inducing winds. Mind you there is still snow predicted for today and tomorrow.

I have developed a lovey headache from the winds over the last few days. So far I have been trying to fight it off, but I think that today I will need to take something for it.

Today will more than likely be a repeat of yesterday. I will get chores done as quickly as possible, and move on to doing some Christmas baking. Yesterday I managed to get cinnamon rolls, almond bark, and some chocolate/coconut candy done. Today I hope to get some shortbread, mints, and surprise toffee done. I think that tomorrow will be a cookie making day (gingersnaps, sugar cookies and whipped shortbread). I hope to do most of the baking/making this morning so the afternoon can be spent doing a bit of sewing. I did finish sewing another project yesterday!! Getting things done and using up the fabric stash is making me very happy.

Frugally speaking, by keeping busy I am staying away from the various sales happening around the city. To keep our citizens from cross border shopping, smaller cities (and larger ones as well) have started "Black Friday" sales that pretty much take care of any and all a persons needs. This has been happening now for the last 5 or so years. A friend that works at the local Walmart says that now people start to line up at 4 in the morning so they can be the first in the store. Nope, staying away from the madness, and keeping my money in my pocket.

I will be walking on my treadmill this morning. I may cut the minutes down today as I am trying to change things up and get the metabolism burning fat once again.

If I find a bit of extra time, I hope to try on a few things in my closet. The winter wardrobe seems to be getting much larger once again. Need to perhaps pare it down a bit or store some items away until they can be altered a little bit.

So pretty much a regular Friday around here, though it is getting so close to Christmas that things should be getting much busier very soon. I am so looking forward to our sons being home for longer than 2 days (at least I hope that youngest DS got his holidays for that week).

Supper this evening is going to be glace and eggs with lots of fried onions. Comfort food on what is another blustery winter's day.

Today I am grateful that my home is snug and warm.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In November 29, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good lovely morning all,

I cooked on the outside grill yesterday, so no energy waste at all. However, neither hubs or I could finish our steaks so today will be leftovers with sautéed fresh onions and mushrooms. And fresh broccoli.

I had planned on going out and getting things done today. but hubs pointed out that this is Black Friday. What was I thinking? Ok, stay home. Besides, hubs decided to drink his whiskey laced eggnog last night and insisted I have a glass. I am still loopy this morning.

I filled a trash can with weeds yesterday, but didn't take on any new tasks. Knee said no climbing. Hubs started to check out our solar things. Apparently, I needed to make it more convenient. When I built the raised garden next to the west porch, he likes the convenience of the blocks. It is only about 3 hours of sun, but he says it is enough.

Today will be more weeding and transplanting. A boring day and leftovers for dinner. I am not bothered by that. Must be the whiskey.

I hope everyone had a great T day that celebrated T day. Hubs had no great questions for me this morning. He laughed at me being loopy.

Today I am grateful that we only have eggnog once a year. Have a Good Friday everyone.

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Re: Daily Check In November 29, 2019

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Good morning all. We had a very nice Thanksgiving.
No interest in black friday nonesense at all.
Christmas decorating today....:)

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Re: Daily Check In November 29, 2019

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Went to the church for the Community Dinner and had a pretty good time. There was music, not exactly my kind, but entertaining and the food was plentiful and delicious. The table server asked me a couple of times of I wanted to bring something home which I initially refused but after being asked for the 3rd time I said yes and have a meal for tonight as well. The only thing that was off was there were two people who sat across from me. The woman was friendly, her male friend wasn't. Also when they brought him a plate full of food, he scoffed it down in a matter of a minute and a half. And a bit later they brought him another full plate and he scoffed that down as well along with his dessert which was gone in 10 seconds. Gross.

Jackie, I'm with you with regards to Black Friday . . . I'm not into the mad crowds. Now you can get most of the same pricing on line a week before; no need fighting for parking spaces or gifts.

As mentioned dinner tonight will be leftover turkey. In the meantime, I'm making a bowl of soup and a sandwich for lunch in about an hour.

Good day all.

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Re: Daily Check In November 29, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. I had a nice quiet day at home for Thanksgiving. Made Thanksgiving type foods except replaced turkey with chicken. The rest was traditional foods but in smaller quantities. I made two TV dinners from the leftovers. I froze them for later on when I have my surgery. They will work out well with the soft foods I will need.

Unfortunately I developed a sore throat yesterday and still have it today with chills off and on. I am drinking tea with honey and gargling with salt water. I am only allowed Tylenol or its generic form due to my surgery next Friday.

Not much planned for today other than making a salmon loaf for dinner with creamed peas and mashed potatoes. I still have a lot of green beans leftover from Thanksgiving. I made extra to put in the freezer for later on. I have leftover pumpkin pudding as well. Lunch was going to be Thai yellow curry but I am not up to cooking today. Will make it tomorrow if I feel better.

Have a good day everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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