Daily Check in December 1, 2019

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Daily Check in December 1, 2019

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Just to get us started.

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Re: Daily Check in December 1, 2019

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Hi everyone . Can’t believe Dec is already here.hope everyone has a great day.

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Re: Daily Check in December 1, 2019

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Good morning from postcard perfect Florida,

Today will be a lovely day. Expected temperatures in the lower 80's, a do something day. This morning, I am going out to the big Walmart to get household products not available at the little local market. I may swing by the Aldi's and see if they have the keto dressing everyone in the keto diet group has been raving about. I would love to try it with the turkey breast that I plan for chilly Tuesday. The rest of the day will be outside enjoying the great weather.

Yesterday, I cleaned leaves out of gutters and off the roof. There is a spot where the roof meets the porch roof that just collects leaves. And this is the season of leaves. So up on the ladder, always a bit scary with this bad knee. But success, at least for the moment. I also got an old huge plastic toy box my neighbor was throwing away several months ago. I drilled holes near the bottom and it is now a compost bin. Yesterday, I started filling it with leaves. I also went for an afternoon walk with my neighbor. She had her huge family over for T day and I knew she would be too tired to walk on Friday. But when I asked yesterday, yes! She was out the door in a flash. She told me that she didn't have room in her official garbage can for all the waste. I took my can over to her house to use for the overflow. She was grateful.

I checked on Eggman and his wife yesterday morning. They had been sick with colds. They were all well and planning on a delayed T day celebration with family. All is well in the neighborhood.

Hubs has been trying to contribute to the business success of the season by buying things. The Amazon truck stopped by here twice yesterday. And will likely stop here today.

Today, I am grateful for my good neighborhood. Have a nice day all.

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Re: Daily Check in December 1, 2019

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Good morning fellow frugalites,

I have been sitting enjoying my cup of coffee and perusing the online news. There are a few interesting tidbits, but probably more will come to light as the day continues.

The temperature here stands at -9 C or 16 F. Not a bad temperature for this morning, but since we got snow overtop of the misty rain we had most of yesterday, the roads are not going to be nice. I do hope they improve by tomorrow as I need to hit the library at some point.

Baked like a mad woman yesterday and managed to get a few things completed. My list is still fairly long and I am hoping to get a bit more completed today after the marathon decorating of the tree (or perhaps I will bake/make candy as a break from decorating). I did get a bit of decorating the house accomplished last night.

Frugally speaking this will be another no spend day. I have no intentions of going out the door shopping (Black Friday week seems to have taken over) and really way too much to get done inside if I want to be ready for Christmas and the seasons visitors.

The budget entries were made yesterday and surprisingly we are underbudget again this month. Only in one budget line were we massively over budget (charity, which is not a bad thing). So this means that out of the eleven months we have gone through we have been under the monthly budget in 10 of them. Sometimes not by a great deal, but the overall spending has been cut. I was even underbudget in groceries/pet supplies/OTC drugs/personal care/paper products this month (Hubby refuses to make those individual budget lines so all is lumped under groceries). Fuel and car/vehicle maintenance is way under budget as well. It sure helps to combine trips in the vehicle.

My daily planner for next year is being worked on. I have the calendar sheets done as well as the to do list and monthly extra cleaning lists done. I should be well on my way to adding the daily calendar pages very soon. I had thought about buying one, but this works best for me and I get to use up paper from my past life as an educational assistant. Waste not, want not. I actually think I may just be able to make my own for a number of years yet.

Once again, since the weather/roads are not conducive to walking outside I will be heading down to the treadmill for my daily constitutional. Gets that stiffness in the joints out and loosens me up for the day.

Supper this evening will be a roast ham (the remains of which will be portioned up, frozen and used in other meals) along with mashed potatoes, tossed salad, and a veggie.

Today I am grateful for all the little things that make this season a very happy one.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in December 1, 2019

Post by Mrscreative »

Good morning everyone,

Finally getting around to checking in. It's been a busy couple of weeks for me! Lots of Christmas craft shows and shopping done. Really fun activities! DGFlorida, the Amazon truck has been kept busy swinging by my house too lately.That along with my Shutterfly orders. But I will be cancelling my free month long trial of Prime very soon. I intend to download some movies to make the most of it! I really like the cupboard organizers I got for all my spices though and they have been wonderful Christmas gifts received early. Anything that makes life easier is a good thing! My free trial of an online course will end soon too so that will free up some time for me. I feel like I have Christmas well under control this year though and all presents purchased were finished in wrapping yesterday. Wrapping presents and getting all the laundry done kept me out of trouble yesterday. Also kept dh company as he ran some errands yesterday.

I have also been spending more time than usual volunteering, mainly with the Friends of the Library making bookmarks to sell. It's a fun, social time connecting with new friends which is always a good thing. I certainly utilize our public libraries a lot so am glad to give back.

Jackie it sounds like you do an awful lot of baking! I don't do very much anymore but we always make some shortbread cookies. I usually wait until our oldest dd returns home for Christmas break. This year she's returning early on Dec. 20th so we'll have lots of time before Christmas. Our whole family is attending a local play on the 21st based on "It's a Wonderful LIfe", one of my all time favourite Christmas movies. I am really looking forward to it.

I hope to start my Christmas decorating today and will be hauling up the two artificial trees that we have. Our new furniture is supposed to be delivered this coming Friday, pending no weather delays since the distribution center is in Winnipeg, and they must make the 500 plus mile drive to our city. My dh has finished putting up the outdoor lights and has really outdone himself. We sat in our living room yesterday evening with the blinds drawn, lights out, listening to Christmas music and enjoying the outdoor lights. Best of all, we have a remote so can turn the lights off from the comfort of our house. Later we will use the same remote for the block heater of one of our cars.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! Perhaps I'll have a few moments to catch up with the forum. I just dove right in this morning.


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Re: Daily Check in December 1, 2019

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Good morning friends.

Today is my sweet Pippi’s 17th birthday. (It is not the actual date but the date I’ve chosen to celebrate.) I adopted her at four months old from the shelter. I would like to give her her favorite Temptations treats (still have an unopened bag) but she is doing so well on the thyroid food I probably won’t mess with success. (I can hear my mom now saying, “Let her have a few.”) I did buy her a new toy yesterday and she was after it as soon as I took it out of the bag. I took a really cute video on my phone. She has brought so, so much JOY to my life.

Late this morning I’ll meet my friend for coffee. (I’ll use a free gift card from Bing.) Then I’ll go to mom’s house and put the Christmas wreath on the door and walk the yard to see if anything needs to be done. There is always something to do in the yard but this time of year things are pretty laid back.

I got most of my decorating finished yesterday. I still need to put out my own Christmas wreath and a few outside decorations. I don’t do outside lights. I received my first Christmas card yesterday from a friend of mom’s who is either 102 or 103. Amazing! Still lives in her own home in Tennessee but her daughter lives next door.

Yesterday I was able to get a book of Christmas stamps at the Publix checkout so I won’t need to go to the P.O. tomorrow. I’ll work on cards tomorrow.

I slept really well last night and feel more rested than yesterday.

Have a good day.

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