Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

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Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning frugals,
Getting us started.

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by mbrudnic »

HI again,

Yesterday DB2 spent the day at the hospital with Mom and Dad. He was texting me, DB1 and both of my SisILs. Our phones were blowing up. DB1 said he was in with a C-level exec client when his phone was blowing up. (DB2 is very ADHD, and very much like my DS1).

Today is more training. I hate watching videos...

I woke up this morning dreaming about going out to dinner with my now ex and he was being a jerk. Tomorrow would have been our 27th anniversary. I want to say the anniversary of my biggest mistake, but I love my boys who came out of that marriage.

Have a good day,

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Up early to get the entertainment center cleared out and ready to put on the garage sale sites for free. Just want it gone and if someone takes it all the better.

Hubby will pick up the new one this afternoon. I will be without TV for a bit, but that is just fine. The unit we bought was less than half price, it was a floor model, and they had a clearance sale on. It matches the colour of the desk really well.

I made my scalloped potatoes and ham casserole last night, just not made the way I usually do it. My microwave conked out after or perhaps during the final stages of cooking the potatoes. I ended up making the meal in the oven. I noticed something that smelled like it was burning. Good bye 20 year old microwave. Hello, shopping for a new one on Thursday.

This is not turning out to be a very frugal month at all, and I have a feeling we will be over budget in pretty much every budget line if I don't watch it.

Frugal happenings will be me walking on the treadmill for my daily exercise. Doing a couple of loads of laundry (sheets and rags which will be hung up to dry) and continuing what I hope will be the second to last day of baking. That should give me enough sweets to satisfy the sweetest tooth in the family over the holidays.

I also plan on finishing up my planner for the coming year and making my grocery list using the sale fliers (must remember to bring some of my cloth bags with me).

Extra cleaning is on the list to be done today as well. I hope to get a couple of items crossed off the December list.

Yesterday I mentioned the prayer shawl ladies asking if I planned to make another temperature blanket, and I have been thinking (something I probably shouldn't do) that making another one could be a great idea and a way to use up more of the leftover yarn (I do have quite a collection). I may just do it a bit differently. I could keep track of the weather for a week and then do the knitting... Thoughts only, but it is an intriguing idea. I know of one lady in the temperature blanket group that only does her crocheting one day a month.

Supper tonight is going to be a soup instead of what I had planned. We have been eating some fairly heavy meals this last while so something lighter will be a great idea. I think (hope) to make a lentil soup today, just need to find a recipe that is a bit different from the one I usually make.

Today I am grateful for a Hubby that can do things around the house and is willing to indulge my vision for the living room.

Everybody have a great day.

Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning Maggie and all,

Another cool day in Florida, but not so blustery. House has dropped to 69F, so I may turn on the heat to see if it works. Our service company would be open if it doesn't. The old unit is clearly on its last legs, over 20 years old, but nurse it through another season if possible. It is due to warm up later in the week. So even if it doesn't work, we will be good. Hope for the best. Plan for the worse.

Today, I will continue working on de-cluttering. The turkey and black beans in the crockpot came out good, so leftovers planned for tonight. I got a beef roast out of the freezer to thaw for Thursday when the next cool air is expected. Without a kitchen and no stove, crockpot is my go to for cooking. It warms the house as well.

My old dance partner, friend. copied me with an email saying that I was appointed co-executor of his estate. I had always said that I would help in any way he wanted. That is what friends do, but the email was a surprise. Well, hopefully, that opportunity will years away. I prefer him alive. He is pretty close to being a hoarder and cleaning out his house will not be pleasant. Just shake my head. Well, he is off to Mexico on a scuba trip. Likely his last. At 85, he is no longer strong enough to handle the gear and needs assistance in and out of the boat. It makes younger people nervous.

The nightly business report had its end of the year tax person on talking about tax changes that affect this year's taxes. I told hubs we need to discuss it. He said we would need to wait until he did the monthly expense report for November. I think we can do a pretty good guess and I want to make sure we don't miss opportunities. So I will push on him today. Probably get my way by the end of the week. I know he has looked because he has told me what "I" spent this year on home improvements.

I decided to give my knee a therapeutic ultrasound treatment last night. Up on the ladder, cleaning off the roof a couple of days ago left my bad knee a bit delicate. It wasn't getting better on its own. The home machines are less than $100, easy to use and are good for all kinds of joint/muscle aches. No doctor visit saves money and time. Hubs is walking poorly right now, but he refuses my offer to help. Cold weather especially cold fronts are very hard on him. His arthritis really acts up. Love the Florida heat.

My tomato plants are doing fine and I think I will soon get a crop of radishes, beets and turnips thanks to this cool weather. Yum.

Tomorrow, I check out a new doctor. The old one was just not working out. They said bring a list of your daily medications. I smiled. It will be a short list. I don't take any. Today I am grateful that I am free from daily medications. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by itspennyc »

I have stripped the bed, and have the bottom sheet on my bed. I washed my hair. The sheets should be ready to go into the dryer shortly.

I have a lot to put away. I pulled out my Christmas tree ornaments, I only take a few things out. Because I still have all the glass balls and other ornaments for my 2 foot tree even though I use my tinies to decorate the tree.

I also have a lot of projects out, along with all the Christmas gifts. I think that I need to start wrapping my gifts.

I need to put everything away and then just pull out what I am actually working on.

Last night I realized that the hat for the Christmas Gnome, I was knitting was much too big. So I ripped it out I have started it over. Now that I have the correct size it should go quicker. As it is about 2/3 the size I was knitting.


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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by Mrscreative »

Good morning everyone,

Today is my usual day to volunteer at the school but the teachers are having a one day protest so obviously I won't be going. Dh seems a bit restless and I have a feeling he'll want me to go out with him to run errands or shopping. But I think I'd like to stay put and tackle my Christmas cards. I have to get them finished soon if I hope them to have any chance of reaching the recipients before Christmas. The amount of money that has been flying out the window lately is a bit frightening too! We're getting our new couch and love seat this Thursday providing there are no weather delays from the distribution center in Winnipeg. Our new bar fridge is arriving then as well. The benefit is that we only pay one $100 delivery and removal charge, regardless of the number of items. All other furniture stores charge a delivery fee and separate removal fee. So they'll be hauling away our old sofa bed from the den and the old fridge. Dh is going to see if there's any other furniture item they can remove as it saves us the dump disposal fee.They are not having to remove a couch. We managed to sell our old couch for a very nominal fee. And my dh ordered a new leather recliner and ottoman from Wayfair and that is supposed to arrive on the 19th of December. That will certainly be a nice birthday/Christmas gift for him. His birthday is on the 19th coincidentally! Now he's determined to buy me snow tires for my car. I've always only had all weather radials but I do enjoy going skiing and snow shoeing in the winter and this would increase the safety factor. But 90% of the time I'm just driving in the city. Jackie - do you invest in snow tires? I heard that it is mandatory in the province of Quebec. I'm not really opposed, it just means another $1200 out the window and then there's the problem of storage of the summer tires and the bother of switching them over. Dh will probably want to do the tire changing himself and thinks we have room in our backyard garden shed for the tires. He did mention the need of getting a new type of torque wrench to change the tires but it would quickly pay for itself. He still does the oil changes on both our vehicles himself.

But the good thing is we have funds to cover the expense of all these new items and will be paying them off in full. I guess it's just hard to get out of the habit of not saving and very conservative spending. But really we have to ask ourselves what are we saving for. I guess now is the time to enjoy!

Have a happy day everyone!

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