Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

I started a post this AM and then trashed it, I was just kvetching about "the brother" and his antics with the lawyer and really the lawyer is handling it so I need to just....Let it go.....

I received my estate paperwork yesterday, it is being handled and according to the lawyer should be wrapped up in January. I just want to be free of all this stress.

I decorated my tree today, I went to Big lots and found the plaid ribbon I wanted, it is now decorated with white lights and plaid ribbon, very pretty and simple. No ornaments this year...I just can't...

The sun is shining today!!! YAY...makes me feel so much better.
Gayle, I love the idea of your friends tree for you, what a blessing.
Next up is installing the creche, it is the one we had as children, my mom took us every year to buy a piece at the dime store. Very precious to me and I love seeing the animals we picked out year to year...even have a dog!
Off to get something done.
Have a wonderful day all.

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by Jackielou »


Old entertainment unit out and listed on garage sale site. Hubby will be picking up the new one this afternoon.

Went out for coffee and am back to do some more work around the house.

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by rinty »

Greetings All,

LOvely for you to have good news Gayle, what a good friend you have !

Jackie, I have been "doing" Catholicism a LOT lately. I think I've been around so long people forget that I'm NOT, prob because I do take religion seriously ( if you understand what I am saying ) I have done two very elaborate Advent display boards :shock: and was very involved in todays visit from the priest. I refuse to let myself get it wrong, so if I'm asked to facilitate XYZ I make sure its done properly. Certainly all the studenst firmly believe Mrs Rinty is " one of them". I've also got an advent study which I am working through.............only thing that grates is that it doesn't use the KJV. And of course my advent candle scripture list here has many Book of Mormon quotes !

DH did the Salvation Army drop off so we are feeling more Christmassy. I am staring at an undecorated tree tonight surrounded by boxes. Pleased to see it though.......as it means all the squirrelled away boxes can be wrapped at last !

Craft club tomorrow. This batch has been so hard, bless them, they WANT to , but haven't a crafting bone in their bodies, so everything I'd planned has had to be adapted. Tomorrow a SMALL felt ornament done in blanket stitch..............or not, see how it goes.

Eating down the freezer has been very nice ! Steak tonight with pepper sauce and mushrooms. We'll need to continue this all next week too to eat down to just all the allotment veg. DH is a yellow sticker meat ninja and theres a lot of it in there.

We already have the Christmas gammon ( ham) but I need me a turkey, some beef and some nibbly bits. With just the two of us we have too much food on hand.

Its been No spend all week but a collegue has asked if I want in on getting a small gift for all the kids in our classes. ( cheaper if we buy in bulk and that's 100 kids between the 3 of us ) So that a tenner ( £10 ) The food shop for this week will be next to nothing though and DH and I intend using our National Trust FREE membership to visit a stately home this weekend ( which will be fab all done up for Christmas ) and it will be a far more pleasant weekend than one spent trawling the shops ;)

Still not been told what to get for 3 oldest grands, so I think that means we will just put in cash on a larger gift, which I think is fine but makes DH sad, he'd keep them eternally 7 yrs old if he could. Also our 2 sons. Again, I am ready to give cash but DH would prefer not to. Everything else is done. DH and I empty our change pot and split it to buy each other something. I think I'll get him camping bits and bobs and I have dropped hints that I'd love a metal water bottle in a floral design................so I'll get a new nightie instead ;)

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by floridacatlover »

Good afternoon friends.

Kitty, hang in there. Love your description of plaid ribbon and white lights for your tree.

It has turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day here. I’m home from mom’s house and a bit of Christmas shopping.

At mom’s house I just did a few routine things. I ran the washer and dryer with towels just to make sure the machines were still OK. I also tied up newspapers and some cardboard and put it out for recycle day. I only have enough paper recycling to go out once a month or so but the stack was getting high. Most of this is from the free newspaper thrown on everyone’s driveway. While the washing machine was running I cleaned up some debris in the front yard (not much) and used the lopping shears to trim the shefflera in the front yard while standing on the ground (not the ladder).

While I was trimming, a guy came by to hand out a real estate brochure. This was to everyone, not just me. I was glad I was there so he could see the house “occupied.” I brought a salad for lunch and did a few things until the dryer was finished. (A plus with doing the towels was I took two facecloths home to replace two of my ratty facecloths. I use a lot of facecloths.)

Luckily just as I was thinking of leaving, the recycle truck came by so I was able to put the empty recycle bin in the garage. Also noticed that the free newspaper was on the driveway. I don’t like those things (recycle box and newspaper) to hang around on the driveway showing I’m not there even though I feel that mom’s neighborhood is safe.

I went to a few stores to look for some gifts. Found small gifts for neighbor and her boyfriend who care for Pippi. I’ll be going to my friend’s house for Christmas dinner and want to get her daughter a small gift. Last year I got her an ornament. I didn’t find an ornament or anything else that struck me. I’m going to ask my friend for ideas.

I’m enjoying not having a lot on my calendar this week. Two friends are away, just for the week.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 4, 2019

Post by Jackielou »


The new entertainment unit is up and I am really enjoying the flickering flames. I did not turn on the heat, perhaps tomorrow morning.

Now just to replace the microwave tomorrow.

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