update on DH

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Re: update on DH

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icfrugal1 wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 10:44 pm
Janet, I'm so sorry to hear about your DH. It's not easy

Thank you IC.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: update on DH

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icfrugal1 wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 2:29 pm
so things are not very well right now.

to put the prostic on first goes a nylon, then a jell sleeve, then a stocking , the trouble is that his "insigen" (wound) needs air still, it's not fully healed,

The surgeon DID approve the prostic but.

Now on his right foot, (perhaps because of new walking) has blisters, NOT GOOD !!!

So he has seen the foot DR, and we have nurses coming in again.

DH is fighting everything that he is suppose to do, and LYING to the Dr's nurses. YES, when I can I tell them that he's not telling the truth. BECAUSE I CARE !!!

So DH is getting an RX for diabetic shoes, he is seeing a foot dr . IF had had been seeing a foot Dr I don't think that he would have had the gangrene in his foot and he would have the foot. He was offered all of these services, but he refused, as things were getting worse with unhealing wounds, he cancelled appts :-(

He MUST NOT walk, (or as little as possible to the bathroom ONLY) he is back in the wheelchair and no walker.

He MUST have his legs up for most of the day 20/24 hours a day at least. He just WON'T, he got up at 7am this morning and just now at 11:30am I got him to put his legs up :(

He doesn't want to die, but he won't help himself.

Thank you again.


How tremendously frustrating this must be for you. I agree, with the others, just do what you can.

I’ll pray for you too. ((Hugs))

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Re: update on DH

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So sad to hear what a struggle you are having. (hugs)

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Re: update on DH

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I'm sorry, IC, it is so very hard to deal with someone who won't help himself ... or is in denial. (Been there.) There's just so much you can do if he won't cooperate. But I suspect he's already made his decision.

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