Daily Check In March 27th

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Daily Check In March 27th

Post by rinty »


It is another beautiful dawn out there. We are waking up around 5am, having a nice chat then planning out the day.

Yesterday was better in that I avoided the news totally. I did however face up to the fact that I did need to go shopping. DD is in isolation, I needed specifics for DS and DH is over 70. So we gardened and I fretted.

So I thought, I will only go in if the supermarket is doing safe practices. Drove over mid afternoon, some cars but not many. But a LINE of people shopping trolleys all spaced at least 2 metres apart. You were being let in in small groups.

Relieved, I joined the line, I hadn't brought a coat so I froze for half an hour , there were less than 30 people in front of me, so you can see they were carful how many people they let in. Got everything DD wanted though I had a silly moment ;) ( thank goodness for light relief ) Her text message shopping list had SQUASH on it and I obviously spending FAR too much time talking to you Americans as I searched the VEGETABLE aisle for a wle before it clicked........she and her little boy don't want squash , the vegetable ! They want SQUASH , the fruit concentrate all Britsih children drink. :shock: DUH !

So I got everything, got more liquid painkillers for DS. When I say EVERYTHING this was from a very detailed list of Needs, no crap got into that trolley and I didn't go near any aisle selling it. The floor of the supermarket was covered in black tape forming " lanes " which were ONE WAY and the tannoy had near constant " social distancing reminders " as well as reminders that the staff were busting a gut and could we please be mindful and POLITE.

SO in and out , DH worried as I had taken solong but happy to hear it was because of the good queuing system outside.

Drive to DDs with a selction of stuff for her and DGS and her shopping, left it outside, waving and chatting through the window X

I missed the 8pm " clap for carers " and I feel sad about that. I am texting my fav carer who is obviously wound up like a coiled spring. She is African and very religious, all her texts have something like , I will get through this by the grace of God, bless her. And it isn't just words for her either. She won't leave her boys, one is there as his mother has cancer, no chance of him being taken " home"

My school makes my heart happy too. On our website there are so many things and its not DRY like some of my DGKs school sites are. there are challenges from different teachers, messages from the class cuddly toy mascots and a social story about Coronavirus for the kids to either read or a powerpoint type cartoon for littler ones to watch. I text my teacher to say how proud I was of her x

DH went to the allotment and there were a number of allotmenters there. You can space out easily if you stay on your own ground. We have onions, shallots, garlic and potatoes there and of course there is the all the fruit bushes. He has put in more pots and onions this year , presumably with the argument for sharing amongst the family ( the other thought would be that we'd still have some if we got theft from there ) Other veg is being brought on in the greenhouse, we have cloches warming the ground before planting.

Our daily dog walking is very pleasant in this weather. You meet people who are alone at home and desparate to talk.

I felt relieved by then as I'd done all I could for family, but I was still in bed by 8.30 :shock: It gives us all a bit of space.

On here, where is GAYLE ? Babygirl , you have to check in, or we fret. Love you.

On another point, has anyone tried to see if they can access Jamie Olivers new cooking show , and I mean NEW, it was trown together for the Coronavirus shutdown. Its an utter godsend, last night the recipes looked delicious but he made a particularly nice deep pan pizza with stuff even the shopping and cooking challenged WOULD HAVE, didn't need yeast or anything from the dough and it looked FABULOUS and an utter CLONE of the type of thing the Stuck at Home who normally get takeway pizzas ect would live on. Google it, it is so worth a look and could be passed on to those you know who'd benefit.

Anyway, watched the 6am headlines then turned the TV off. Todays meal plan is a roast chicken dinner with sprouts, carrots and a very few dry roast potatoes ( I don't need to eat them, tasty as they are ) It will yield a LOT of future meals so looking forward to that. Also picked up a bag of going off bananas yesterday. Picked out the ones still good for DD and kept the others and will make banana bread ( comfort food to eat and freeze !) with the rest. Also picked up 3 punnets ( 3 was the max of anything though I didn't max anything else out ) of green grapes at 5p each. FIVE PENCE :shock: Good, as I was shopping for three households x I will count that as a blessing x

Another nice thing. When dog walking the other day I noticed people walking back from shopping and a few had bouquets of flowers. Weird, thought I cos fresh flowers wouldn't be my Go TO Purchase right now............well the supermarkets had been GIVING AWAY their unsold Mothers Day flowers...

How nice is that ? In the supermarket I was in there were banks of DEAD flowers , not a priority to clear away.

Finally, a friend is self employed and had no business. She text us to say she is now shelf stacking in TESCO. Got the job and started that same day :shock: No messing around with supermarket hiring right now. Shes relieved and says she can shop there 3 x weekly spednig £30 a time in we are desparate. We've got nice friends.

Stay safe and Gayle, please check in x

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by rinty »

A lady in our street went shopping and had a bunch of bananas ( this was TESCO ) The lady on the till apologetically told her that with the limits for each customer, she couldn't have the whole bunch, she could only have THREE.

Now, obviously that wrong and the checkout operator has misinterpreted the rules, but HOW FUNNY :D Our neighbour said she could hardly keep a straight face but didn't want to offend so she obligingly only took THREE BANANAS. Told her about the grapes I got and it was a good thing I didn't have that same checkout assistant, as she would prob have rationed me to three grapes, not punnets !

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by rinty »

Just had a quick blog surf before starting the day.

MrsCreative , glad you are home safe after your procedure. I see your DH has offered help, well, he has already cleaned the oven, had you considered asking him about cleaning the extractor fan over the cooker ( another nasty job ;)

In my blog surf saw two CRITICAL comments about Jamie Olivers Coronavirus cooking show :shock: Oh C'MON ladies ! They think more " hair shirt frugality cooking " is the way to go.

But is it really ? The target audience is the family now stuck at home who normally eat out/takeaways/use convience foods that got shelf stripped ASAP.

So he has already shown how to make a WONDERFUL tomato based veggie sauce that woul d rival any of the jars of spaghetti sauce ( that you can't BUY now ) He also showed how to store it in the freezer in zip lock bags ( I know we already know this, but we are a bunch who are interested in frugal practices NORMALLY . Jamie Olivers show is for NOW.

Yesterday had a deep pan pizza that any teenager bewailing the loss of all FAST FOOD PLACES NOW SHUT would kill for .

These bloggers need to get a grip. I'm not on blogger or I would have posted a comment on their blogs as I think they could put off the very people who need help at this time. They don't have young children or teens at home so don't know how they are impacted.

They also whined that he was using fresh veg, HELLO, he was USING UP fresh veg, the fresh veg that was panic bought which was BINNED in food waste conatiners that reported a 30% INCREASE in waste.

FACEPLANT. You go Jamie Oliver, his show is called " Keep Cooking and Carry On " BTW x

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Morning to You, Rinty! I enjoyed your update, most especially your story of looking for SQUASH in the vegetable section!

I am up at an unholy hour - just woke up and couldn't go back to sleep in spite of feeling exhausted. Have coffee made and have checked email. I'm starting to get hungry.

Although I don't have to go to any store for anything - not anytime soon - I'm going to begin a list today of things I will need when I do go. Dog treats are starting to run low and are being rationed like mad - so they will go on the list - although I will NOT risk life and limb just to go out for those.

Got good texts, and emails with photos from my daughter and her boyfriend yesterday. They left the city more than a week ago and are snug and safe in their little cabin in the mountains with their cat and dog. Not only did they pack their vehicle with provisions, they ordered online and had more delivered ahead to their destination.

Off to browse the forum. Rinty, you hang in there - you are doing what you need to and you're amazing!! Hope your day is good!

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Forecast is high 50s to 60 today. Didn't get out as I had planned yesterday, but it's apparent I have to so for a short while today.

I heard back from the woman who heads the program at the hospital. I had told her I was alone (as she is) and she sent me her phone number and suggested I call, that it could be good for the both of us. She really is a sweet person. You would think that my two downstairs neighbors who have my phone number would at least call to see if I was all right or see if I needed anything (not that I would have accepted their offer); they both have my number - but no.

At any rate, today would have been laundry day for me but a year or so ago I decided that since I had enough clothes, that from December thru March, I would do laundry only once a month. I will at least sweep my floors and today I will vacuum my rug . . . I don't like making noise over my neighbor's heads, but since they are out of work for now that's not possible. I also need to do some shredding so I will lift my shredder up onto my couch to soften the noise.

Today I'm going to do some research on the Victorian Village. It's been a while since I added some new content to my website so I've decided its time to get back into it. It would be a good day to start learning Spanish as well since again I can't pull my accordion out because I don't want to make noise LOL, over my neighbor's head. I also have to wash my hair but that too will have to wait until later after the neighbor wakes up so I can use the dryer. I am going to miss not being able to get a haircut because I need one, but oh well, no one has to look at it.

March 27th is noted for three "special days": Intl Whiskey Day, Spanish Paella Day and National Joe Day. I don't like Whiskey or fish so my pick is "National Joe Day". It seems that there are a lot of people who really don't like their names and wish they could change them. Actually you can do so legally if you wish, but if you choose not to spend money and do all the things required to change your name, you can have people call you "Joe" if a male, and "Jo" if you're a female. It turns out most people like the name Joe. So have a great National Joe Day OR Spanish Paella Day OR Happy National Whiskey Day.

Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily Check In March 27th

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all

It is nice to have the night air cool, down in the 60's. All the windows are open now that we are up at 5 am. The house could use a cooling down. It's been warm here, pushing 90F outside and the house temperature has been inching up, now near 80F. No ac yet, but getting close. I cooked yesterday outside, both breakfast and dinner, so no house heating from the stovetop. I have the whole house fan on to help circulate the cool air. It usually drops the temperature one or two degrees back to the comfortable range. Less energy use, more frugal.

Yesterday, I worked in the yard until the sun set. It was a lovely red gold sunset. I love my trees, but leaves, leaves and more leaves to be gathered up. I am mostly working in the ditches, clearing them of leaves and debris. While it is dry now, the rainy season is just around the corner. Ditches are important then. Abnormally dry here in Florida. Abnormally hot for March as well.

Today, I will make more beans in the crockpot. There is a good juice left from the last pot of beans and I just don't want to waste it. So I am going to do a "Janet" and make another pot of beans with the flavored juice. We will have Mexican ground beef with beans tonight and hopefully have enough left to freeze a pint.

Today, I need to do more grocery shopping. More people are practicing social distancing and it makes it easier to safely shop. Shopping early, a time for seniors and also cooler. Only need perishable items, so hopefully a quick in and out.

After shopping, I plan to do a load of laundry to hang outside to sun dry. Then back to the yard cleanup. I would like to shovel out the dirt that has accumulated in the culverts, but I am not sure my body is up to it. Dirt is heavy and I have to pitch it out of the ditch. Hard work. Do what I can. Possible rain next Wednesday. I should have the culverts all clear by then even working a little every day. Got to water the gardens as well.

This social isolation is hard on some of my friends. Seniors struggle with loneliness and this is loneliness to several of them. I sense depression setting in on them. Old dance partner is one of them. I call him and he is very cranky with me. Yesterday, he blamed me for a missing book. I'm a thousand miles away and it is still my fault. And he is mad that I am happy and busy. He said I was like the Japanese general in the movie River Kwai, "Be happy in your work" prisoners of war. Luckily, I am not bothered by his grumpiness. I realize it is an expression of his depression.

Today, I am grateful that I am happy in my work. Depression killed my mother and brother. I am glad I don't have that gene. Have a good day everyone. Be safe.

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