Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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Re: Daily Check-in April 4, 2021

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jckitty wrote:
Sun Apr 04, 2021 6:33 pm

What a wonderful day! Our Easter Dinner was deluxe! I did not bring home any leftovers! Middle grand wanted the mac and cheese and I left the roast beef bits and pieces for DD to make beef and noodles for the family. Would have made way too much for me, this way I can have a serving and they can eat the rest.

Dd will freeze the hambone and stuff from it for me to make beans.

Middle grand (vet tech student) had to have her precious dog put to sleep last night. He was a big, beautiful pittbull rescue. A true "nanny dog", a sweetheart. But she did what she knew what she had to do and I am so proud of her strength .
Of course the family is grieving but she said she knows she made the right decision.
The vet office she works and trains in did the deed and they are cremating and creating a plaster paw print for her....they love her and came in after hours to take care of her.

We walked the woods, played shuffleboard and just had a wonderful time. I am just itching to get my camper placed and set up but my new area is not completed yet and to be honest it is just too soon...we could still get a lot of rain and I do not want it flooded. I will wait :?

I have black raspberry pie for supper.... so good.

So sorry for your Granddaughters loss.

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