Free Fall Apples

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Free Fall Apples

While we were out yardsaling this morning, we passed a house with a GIANT apple tree out front. The ground was absolutely littered with apples, so we decided to stop and ask if we could pick some. An elderly man answered the door, and told us we were welcome to as many as we wanted. He said someone else had just gathered some, so we might not find many, but that we could come back whenever we wanted. Score!

We rounded up a few pounds of good apples …

Chickens Eating Apples

and a few more pounds of blemished apples for our chickens (as you can see, they approved).

These are a tart keeping apples, so they’re perfect for long-term storage, and the tree is absolutely covered with them. Looks like we’ll be doing a daily tree check for the next couple weeks. Gotta love free food!

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  1. Great score. My aunt had a tree with those apples for many years. Supplied her family the neighbors and church.lightening struck and killed it. It was surely missed. Blessings to you.

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