Free Groceries at Earth Fare

Free Groceries at Earth Fare

By Erin Huffstetler | 01/19/2013 | No Comments
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If you think eating healthy has to cost more, I’m hoping this will change your mind: I stopped by Earth Fare today, and got everything that you see in the picture for free. That’s:

  • 3 lbs of organic apples
  • (3) 1-lb bags of organic carrots
  • 1 lb of fingerling potatoes
  • (1) 8-oz. brie cheese

Have an Earth Fare by you, and want to get deals like these. Sign up for their Fare Deals newsletter to get a coupon for a free item e-mailed to you each week. This week it was a coupon for brie (an $8.49 item) and a coupon for a 24-pack of water (sold out by the time I got there). Then, sign up for their new Tomato Bank rewards program. If you join by January 20, you’ll get a 1,000 point bonus (the equivalent of $10 of free groceries). I earned 850 points on today’s trip (without buying a thing), so it’s really easy to rack up the freebies.

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