Free Hangers for Consignment Sales

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Free Hangers

I’m busy getting ready for another kids’ consignment sale, but really I’ve been getting ready for this sale since the last one. To avoid paying for hangers or giving away our “good” hangers, I’m always on the lookout for free hangers. Here’s how I manage to round up enough for each sale:

  • I put out the word – Lots of people have those cheap wire or plastic hangers that they’d love to off load. Send out an e-mail to your friends and family, and you may end up with enough for this sale and the next one, too
  • I save hangers from our clothing purchases – Before I started consigning, I used to chuck the cheapie hangers that stores use – not anymore. Now, when they ask if I want to keep the hangers at checkout, the answer is a definite yes!
  • I snag hangers from curb piles – Often when people move, they’ll leave a big pile of hangers at the curb. We curb shop regularly, so this is just one of the things that I look for when we’re making our rounds
  • I rescue hangers from free boxes – Most yard sales have at least one free box. I find hangers in them from time to time, so I always take a second to check

Other Places to Try:

  • Businesses with uniforms – auto shops, restaurants, janitorial companies and many other service-oriented businesses have their employees’ uniforms professionally laundered. Stop by and ask if they happen to have any spare hangers. If they end up with a new hanger each time a uniform comes back from the cleaner, they’ll be thrilled to get rid of the pile up
  • Post a request on Freecycle or Craigslist – Let people in your community know that you’re looking for free hangers, and you’ll probably get flooded with offers
  • Thrift stores – Sometimes when thrift stores get overwhelmed with hangers, they’ll put out a box and mark them as free

Finding Enough Kid-Size Hangers

Don’t sweat it if you have trouble tracking down kids’ hangers. Adult-size wire hangers work just fine for kids’ clothes. You can even bend them to create your own kid-size hangers, if you want to get fancy.

Need more pants hangers? Just attach pants, shorts and skirts to wire hangers with safety pins, like this:

How to Hang Kid Pants on a Wire Hanger

Storing Hangers

I have a box in the basement that I throw hangers into throughout the year. This has been an okay solution, but it leaves me with a big tangle of hangers to wrangle with at sale time. To solve the problem, I think I’ll be investing in one of these hanger racks soon:

Have you found other sources for free hangers? I’d love to hear about it.

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