Free Pond. You Haul

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Free Pond Liner

Last summer, we scored a free pond liner at a yard sale. It’s been sitting in the garage awaiting the day we have the time and money to install it in the backyard.

Pond Waterfall

And it appears we’re now a step closer to that day because earlier this week, my husband spotted a pond waterfall in a curb pile, while he was taking the kids to school. He surprised me with it when I woke up. What can I say? Some girls get flowers, I get curb shopped waterfalls.

Think we can manage to find a free pump and some fish, too? With all the interesting freebies we’ve scored over the years, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. And you’d better believe I’ll tell you about it if it happens.

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  1. Sounds good. We do the same if we can get it in the vehicle. Collecting pallets to build a shed. I like your posts.

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