How to Get Free Vacation Snacks

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Free Vacation Snacks Collage

Here’s a fun way to get all of your vacation snacks for free: just start saving all the free food samples that you get in the mail, plus any snacks that you get free-after-coupon, and by the time you hit the road on your next adventure, you’ll have all sorts of tasty treats to take with you.

I’ve been doing this for years, and my family really looks forward to seeing what’s in our vacation snack bag. I, of course, look forward to driving past all the convenience stores without stopping.

To show you just how many snacks I’m able to accumulate this way, I thought it would be fun to snap pictures of all the free food I manage to round up between now and our next vacation. This will also give me a chance to share the strategies that I use to get so many freebies.

Let’s get started!

Popcorn and Fruit Bars

I scored all of these fruit bars and bags of coupon at CVS. They were free after coupon.


I got these packages of jerky free at Kroger, after combining a sale, coupons and an iBotta offer.

Sweet Tarts and Coffee

The SweetTarts Ropes were a Kroger Friday Freebie, and the little coffee shot was free with an iBotta offer.

Sparkling Flavored Water

This 8-pack of sparkling flavored water was free with a coupon that I requested online. It took about six weeks to come in the mail, but this stuff retails for around $5, so it was totally worth the wait.

I’ll keep you posted as the freebies come in!

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  1. When I can purchase buy one get one free chips. I place one of bags
    In freezer. I open the bag to release all the air.. I then fold over the upper part of the bag,,..I use a dollar store clip to secure.

  2. I have used a great deal of Erin’s ideas. From broth recipes to garden ideas. You always have very good frugal thoughts. Thank you, sandy.

  3. I’ve started doing this since we are going on vacation on Spring Break and am surprised at how quickly the items have added up (totally free!) This is an awesome tip!

    1. Yep, it really does add up quickly. I’ve been doing this since the kids were little, and it’s something that they really look forward to. There are things that end up in the snack bag that they don’t get any other time of the year, so it’s become a fun part of going on vacation.

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