Free Vacation Snacks

Here’s what’s in my vacation snack stash right now.

How to Get Free Vacation Snacks

By Erin Huffstetler | 07/05/2013 | 4 Comments
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Here’s a fun way to get all of your vacation snacks for free: just start saving all of the free food samples that you get in the mail, plus any snacks that you get free-after-coupon, and by the time you hit the road on your next adventure, you’ll have all sorts of tasty treats to take with you.

I’ve been doing this for years, and my family really looks forward to seeing what’s in the snack bag. I, of course, look forward to driving past all of the convenience stores without stopping.

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  1. When I can purchase buy one get one free chips. I place one of bags
    In freezer. I open the bag to release all the air.. I then fold over the upper part of the bag,,..I use a dollar store clip to secure.

  2. I have used a great deal of Erin’s ideas. From broth recipes to garden ideas. You always have very good frugal thoughts. Thank you, sandy.

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