French Farmhouse Dining Room Tour

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Dining Room Looking Towards Spiral Staircase

Today, I thought it would be fun to take you on a tour of our French farmhouse dining room. This is the only room in the house that I consider to be finished, and that’s just fine with me. I want to take my time furnishing our new home.

Take a Video Tour of Our French Farmhouse Dining Room

Start with this video tour of our dining room to get a sense of the space; then, keep reading for more photos and details about all the furnishings.

Watch The Video

If you aren’t able to view the video here, you can also watch it on YouTube.

Take a Photo Tour of Our French Farmhouse Dining Room

Now that you’ve watched the video, let me take you on a photo tour of the dining room, so I can go into more detail about the room’s features and furnishings.

When we bought the house, the dining room walls and ceiling were dingy from years of fireplace smoke, so I hurried to repaint them before the girls arrived for Christmas. It was a big job, but worth the effort.

French Farmhouse Dining Room With Fireplace

The dining room fireplace is one of my favorite features of the house …

400-Year-Old Fireplace in Normandy, France

and as you can see, it’s still in working order. The previous owners added the stone platform, so it would draft better. They also commissioned a blacksmith to do all the ironwork. I love the little niches on either side of the fireplace.

We’ve roasted marshmallows over the fire several times.

Once life slows down a bit, I plan to do some of our cooking over the fire (at least during the cooler months). I brought all my cast iron cookware with me, and the fireplace came with a spit. How fun is that?

Hand-Carved Stone Around Fireplace in Normandy, France

It blows my mind to think about all the skill and work that went into carving the stones for the fireplace surround.

Closeup of Normand Fireplace

It’s such a cozy spot to sit. In fact, I’m sitting in front of the fireplace as I write this.

Sitting Area in Front of Fireplace

We were lucky enough to be able to purchase some furniture from the previous owners. This antique wood sofa and coffee table were included in that purchase. They create the perfect little sitting area in front of the fire.

Antique Wood Sofa

I call this my Poldark sofa. If you’re familiar with that TV series, it reminds me of the sofa that he and his wife sat on at night.

I gave the sofa a quick update by changing the pillow covers to some I’ve had for years.

Fireplace Sitting Area Looking Towards Front Window

The dining room has two large windows, so it gets plenty of light. When the weather’s nice, we open the windows as soon as we get up in the morning.

Back Wall of Dining Room

We shipped some of belongings over from the United States, including this antique pine store counter that we use as a sideboard. At 10-feet-long, it’s a big piece, but it fits this wall perfectly. We found it at a thrift store in New York City years ago. I’m so glad it made the move with us.

Antique Pine Store Countertop Used as Sideboard

Miraculously, all my dishes also survived the trip. The ship our container was on was out at sea when a storm with 100-mile-an-hour winds hit, so I don’t know how they didn’t get broken.

We’re cloth napkin people, so those drawers hold my large collection of napkins, as well as placemats and other tableware.

Dining Room Looking Towards Spiral Staircase

It’s amazing how well our sideboard goes with the other pieces in the room. It just feels like it belongs in this house.

Dining Room Table With Bistro Chairs

The dining room table is 12-feet-long, and it’s another piece that we opted to buy from the previous homeowners. It had never been stained or sealed (they kept a tablecloth over it), so I applied a food-grade oil/wax sealer.

The table was made from a tree that used to stand on the property. They had a friend who needed money to buy an engagement ring, so they commissioned him to build it.

We also bought the antique English church pew from the previous owners. It works really well with the table, and makes you feel like you’re sitting at a restaurant table.

They had a set of dark-stained ladder back chairs that they used with the table, but we decided not to purchase them. After lots of searching, I found a set of bistro chairs on Facebook Marketplace. They retail for 200€ each, but I got all four chairs for 200€. Very happy with that.

The light fixture hanging over the dining room table was a lucky consignment store find, and the mirror used to hang over the fireplace in our old house in Tennessee.

Dining Room Table in Our French Farmhouse

In addition to being really long, the dining room table is really wide, which I love. There’s lots of room down the center for serving dishes or fondue pots (we are in France, after all), so the table doesn’t feel the least bit cramped.

I’m on the lookout for four more bistro chairs for the ends of the table. We won’t put them around the table all the time, but it would be nice to have some extra chairs in storage for big get-togethers.

Cabinet Next to Front Door

The antique pine cabinet that sits next to the door is yet another piece that we bought from the previous homeowners. There’s actually another one just like it upstairs.

Antique Pine Cupboard

The knobs were missing, so we replaced them. It’s now one of our hardest-working pieces of furniture in the house.

Inside of Junk Cabinet

We use it as a junk cabinet, which is so much better than a junk drawer because it actually has room for all the things that we need and use regularly.

Storage Bins Inside Junk Cabinet

Each bin is clearly labeled with what’s inside, which makes it easy to find stuff and just as easy to put stuff away. So far, this new system is working really well for us. If you’d like me to do a post about how I organized the cabinet (the categories I used, etc.), just leave me a comment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of my French farmhouse dining room. I’ll be sharing many more posts about our 17th century house and garden, as we work to bring it back to life.

Wisteria Growing on Front of Our French Farmhouse

Want to See More of Our French Farmhouse?

You can view my home tour here.

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  1. A “junk” cabinet makes so much sense!! I’d love to read about your categories.

    Your new home is just lovely. I am so enjoying your posts (and glad you are young and healthy to do all the work!)


  2. Yes, please tell us how you organized the junk cabinet and what categories you used! Love your dining room!

  3. I so look forward to your updates. Thank you for staying true to the home and yet cleaning it up for living in today’s world.

  4. Thanks for the tour of your dining area. Looks great!!!

    I really like the idea of your junk cabinet. Organization is so great and I would enjoy a post on how you did it.

  5. Such a cozy room, I could imagine curling up in front of your fireplace with a good book and cup of tea. Your furniture all fits together so well. The table’s beautiful and the story about it is lovely. I’m enjoying reading and seeing everything you’re sharing.

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