Friday Yard Sale Finds

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Size 4 Yard Sale Shoes

Saturday yard sales are great, but Friday yard sales are better. Seriously, it’s amazing what I find at Friday sales. Antiques. Old-school kitchen items. All manner of practical stuff. And last Friday was no exception. Check out my haul:

My oldest daughter is wearing size 3 shoes now, so I’ve been on the lookout for size 4 shoes. And let me just say, they are not easy to find. I think it’s just one of those sizes that lots of kids skip. Whatever the reason, I finally hit the jackpot. All of these shoes came from one sale. Several pairs were brand new, and the rest looked like they might have been worn once. And they’re all great brands – Merrell, Gymboree, Lands End, Gap. Better still, I didn’t pay more than $3 for any of them. In fact, I got all of these shoes, plus a pile of clothes for $18. Pretty sweet deal.

Sharpie Markers

Sharpies are made in my town, so when you see them at a yard sale, it’s a good bet that they’re brand new. I scored all of these markers for $1. And when I tested them, they all worked.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Craft supplies used to be a yard sale rarity, but now it seems like I find something every week. And the prices? Let’s just say they put those 40%-off Michael’s coupons to shame. I paid $.75 a piece for these rolls of hemp twine, and the seller threw in a spool of jewelry wire and a tube of epoxy. Nice!

Food Covers

These food covers hardly ever show up at yard sales. I’ve been trying to put a set together for years. So, when I spotted this set of four, I was stoked. And the $3 asking price seemed more than fair.

Spice Rack

I dry a lot of my own spices, so I’ve been looking for some more spice bottles to store them in. This spice rack was just $2, and had nice glass bottles. Score!

Looking at these pictures makes me wish it was Friday again. I can’t wait to see what I’ll find this week.

Are Friday yard sales a big deal in your area, too? Is this just a Tennessee thing? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. boy, I need to yardsale with you! you find the neatest things! I live on a mountain – don’t get to them anymore….
    have fun!

  2. We are having even more sales starting on Thursdays here. That is when all the good items abound… After that night the pickings are pretty meager.

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