DIY Fridge Shelf Liners

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DIY Fridge Shelf Liners

Wish your refrigerator shelves were easier to clean? Do what I do, and stick some shelf liners in there. I made this set from a set of six plastic place mats that I bought at Goodwill for $1.99.

Place Mats

Test Fit Fridge Shelf Liners

Just stick the mats on the shelves to see how they fit. Then, cut them to size.

This makes cleaning your fridge as simple as pulling the mats out and washing them off. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always worried that I’d break my glass shelves when I had them out for cleaning. This erases that concern, and it looks pretty snazzy, too.

Shelf Liner in Condiment Shelf

When I finished cutting my shelf liners, I had enough scraps left over to line all the condiment compartments, too.

I think next time I’ll look for a big enough set of place mats to line the veggie bins, too.

I’ve been using shelf liners in my fridge for five years now, and this is the third time that I’ve replaced them. So, they hold up pretty well. Aside from being practical, I love the bit of color and personality that they add to the inside of the fridge.

Closeup of Fridge Shelf Liners

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  1. Tho it looks nice, won’t the mats cut down on the cooling
    that goes through the shelves that keep others things
    at the right temp? If you had to use something, which
    I should, wouldn’t the thin sticky shelf liner be a better
    choice? Just wondering.
    thanks, donna

    1. Hi Donna,

      I’ve seen people use Press N’ Seal Wrap on their fridge shelves, so kind of the same concept as the shelf liner that you mentioned. Both would definitely work. The placemats that I use in my fridge are fairly thin, so I haven’t noticed any ill affects on food storage times. It’s interesting b/c you can actually buy a product called Fridge Coasters now. I think they’re similar in thickness to the mats that I use.

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying my blog 🙂

  2. PS, I just also wanted to tell you how much I like your
    blog. I just found it thanks to Donna Freedman, in her
    Surviving & Thriving. Keep up the good work.

  3. Erin,
    I have used clear drawer mat. It is a silicone material with a ridged side so it breathes. I like it since I can see throughout the shelves. In addition I’ve lined a number of cabinet shelves, drawers and under the sink with it. it comes in a long roll 20″ x 20′. It has helped prevent water staining in the cabinets.
    I’ve purchased it at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Ikea ($3.99 a roll).
    Thanks for all your inspiring ideas.

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