Garden Arbor Turned Garden Tunnel

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Garden Arbor Turned Into a Garden Tunnel

Over the weekend we turned our overgrown grape arbor into a very cool garden tunnel.

Arbor Before

The apricot bushes and apple trees that we have planted on either side of the arbor had completely taken over the path, and you couldn’t walk through without moving limbs out of your way. I’d been debating how to remedy the situation without cutting anything back, and it finally hit me – a garden tunnel!

Homemade Arbor

Not wanting to fork over the money for two more arbors, my husband and I bought a roll of welded wire cattle fencing, and we used that to extend our existing arbor.

Arbor Posts

These carport posts that we rescued from a curb pile a few weeks back worked perfectly as support posts.

Stepping Stones

Now our apricots and apples can grow as big as they want to …

Arial View of Arbor

and I have a bigger area to train our grape vines.

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  1. I like what you have done with your yard. I know it takes a lot of work, but so much enjoyment when you can enjoy the seemless never ending project and as you look back at all you have accomplished. We live in central NY, so we have to think about winter and what to plant that will last below zero weather for the spring and summer. I love Mandilvilla vines but here they only last until late fall (I don’t have room to bring them inside); but its my big enjoyment for the summer months. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your ideals. Esther

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