Get Paid to Surf the Web

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Get Paid to Surf the Web

These days we all spend a lot of time online. If you aren’t getting paid for that time, you’re missing out on free money. Because there are actually quite a few companies that want to pay you to do whatever it is you do online, whether that’s watching way too many cat videos or visiting this site. If you’ve been looking for a way to earn extra money, without doing extra work, this is a way to do it. Check out these five companies that are willing to pay you to surf the web.

Just So You Know: This post contains referral links. If you decide to sign up for any of these opportunities, I’ll receive a small commission, which helps to keep this site going.

SavvyConnect Screen Shot

Savvy Connect App

Did you sign up for Survey Savvy, when I recommended them in my post about the best survey companies? If not, you may want to once you hear about their Savvy Connect app. It’s a free app that they use to identify Internet usage trends, and they’re currently paying members $5 a month for every device that they download it to. Add it to your phone, tablet and computer, and that’s $15 a month! All data collected remains anonymous. Just use the web like you usually would, and this little app will quietly record information about your browsing habits. Best part: You can request a check any time you’d like. So, if you want to cash out every month, you can do that.

Sign up for Survey Savvy

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Nielsen Digital Voice

I’ve participated in a lot of Nielsen programs over the years, and I’ve always been impressed. So, when I heard about their new Digital Voice app a month ago, I immediately downloaded it. This little app lives on your computer, and collects information about how you’re using the Internet. Data is submitted anonymously and compiled with the data from other users to help shape the Internet. Participation earns you entries in their monthly sweepstakes, where they give away 400 cash prizes totaling $10,000! They may also invite you to participate in surveys from time to time. Those pay in additional sweepstakes entries or cash rewards.

Sign Up for Nielsen Digital Voice

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards

Formerly known as Bing Rewards, this program pays you to do your web searches through Bing and to use Microsoft Edge as your browser. You can also earn rewards for the purchases you make through the Windows Store and the Microsoft Online store. So if you buy an app for your phone or order a new computer, you’ll earn points for that. This rewards program is open to anyone over the age of 13, so you can even sign your kids up. My oldest daughter is really excited about getting her own account, so she can earn a little spending money. You can cash in your rewards for apps and movies, but I recommend holding on to them for one of the gift cards that show up in the shop from time to time. It’s hard to go wrong with an Amazon gift card.

To sign up, you’ll need to create a Microsoft account. If you have a Hotmail or Outlook e-mail account or you have an Xbox in your house, you probably already have one. But if not, creating one is no biggie.

To maximize you earnings, I recommend setting Microsoft Edge as the default browser on all your devices. You can even download the Bing app to your phone, so you get paid for your mobile searches.

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Swagbucks Search


This site gives you lots of ways to earn points towards gift cards. You can answer surveys, watch videos or shop online, but the easiest way by far is to use Swagbucks for your web searches. You can do this by using the search box on their site, but I recommend downloading the extension to make Swagbucks your default search engine. This will ensure that you use it every time you go to look something up, so you maximize your payout.

Sign Up for Swagbucks

Inbox Dollars Screen Shot


Like to play games online? InboxDollars will pay you for that. And they’ll pay you for your web searches, too. This company pays in cash, not points, so it’s easy to determine what’s worth your time and what isn’t. When you sign up, they’ll even give you $5 on the spot. Sweet!

Tip: Sign up for Microsoft Rewards through InboxDollars, and you’ll earn another $1.25.

Sign Up for InboxDollars

How Much Will You Make?

Signing up for these programs won’t make you rich, but it will earn you some pocket money. And when you consider that you’re getting paid to do things you’d do anyway, it’s pretty much a no-brainer in my book. Keep in Mind: Most of these programs have additional ways you can earn. I just focused on the opportunities that don’t require any extra effort because we all have need for extra money, but really, who has time for extra work?

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  1. I currently use InboxDollars and Swagbucks, plus another site called My Points that is very similar. I’d love to add another of these money earners to my list, but I’m wondering if the tracking software or downloads from one site can interfere with the others?

    1. I think you could probably run both Nielsen Digital Voice and Savvy Connect without any problems, but I haven’t tested that theory yet. So far, I’m running Nielsen Digital Voice. As soon as I get a minute, I plan to load the other one and see.

  2. I use Swagbucks and make at least a $25 gift card per month to pay for things that we normally buy so it is nice to have it paid for without having to pull the money out of my pocket. I do it while watching TV at night so that it really isn’t much more out of my day. Some months are more then others and I get to buy an extra gift card. I need to look into some of the others. I do have a My Points account but I don’t use it much but I think that I have almost earned a gift card there too!!!

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