Gift Idea: Turn a Shared Pic into Photo Cards

My sister’s Dog, Winston.

Gift Idea: Turn a Shared Pic into Photo Cards

By Erin Huffstetler | 09/14/2012 | No Comments
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Is your phone or computer stuffed with pictures that your friends and family have shared with you? If so, you have everything you need to make the perfect gift for anyone on your list – even those hard-to-shop-for people. Just sift through your collection of photos for the perfect shot; upload it to a photo website; and turn it into a set of photo cards for the person who sent it to you.

With all of the free card deals out there, you may not even have to spend anything to pull this gift off. And, you won’t have to leave your house, either (Major selling point, in my book). But the best part? Since the person sent you the photo, you already know that they like it. So, there’s no agonizing over whether you picked out the right gift, bought the right size, etc. It’s a sure thing all the way. And that’s how we like to do things in frugal land.

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