Gift Idea: Turn a Shared Pic into Photo Cards

Gift Idea: Turn a Shared Pic into Photo Cards

By Erin Huffstetler | 09/14/2012 | 2 Comments

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Is your phone or computer stuffed with pictures that your friends and family have shared with you? If so, you have everything you need to make the perfect gift for anyone on your list – even those hard-to-shop-for people. Just sift through your collection of photos for the perfect shot – like my sister’s dog, Winston; upload it to a photo website; and turn it into a set of photo cards for the person who sent it to you.

With all of the free card deals out there, you may not even have to spend anything to pull this gift off. And, you won’t have to leave your house, either (Major selling point, in my book). But the best part? Since the person sent you the photo, you already know that they like it. So, there’s no agonizing over whether you picked out the right gift, bought the right size, etc. It’s a sure thing all the way. And that’s how we like to do things in frugal land.

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  1. Hello Erin,
    Now that my son is a senior, I decided that I had better go through all of the photos of him ( and family) that I have accumulated (8k) to be exact;) And I was wondering 1. Do you print all of your photos? 2. If so, do you recommend a photo printing site 3. Have/do/will you organize photos of/for your family into “photo albums” and if so, do you do the kind that you get at Hobby Lobby and do your own or do you recommend a site? 4. Where/how do you store your photos…phone, computer, external hard drive, cloud, all of the above 5. If a cloud service, which one do you recommend…There I think those are all of my questions…oh…and any recommendations on how to tackle this? Thank you

    • Interesting you should ask because I was just contemplating my photo organization approach today. As a general rule I’m not a huge photo taker, so that cuts down on how much I have to organize. 🙂 I like to be fully engaged in whatever is going on, and I feel like sticking a camera between me and the action prevents that. That being said, I do still have a system for organizing the photos that we take.

      All of our printed photos live in a single drawer. They aren’t organized in any way, but everyone in the house knows where to put new photos when they come into the house, so this keeps me from having to hunt them down.

      When we take a really good photo or a special photo, I try to be really deliberate about doing something with it right away. We have a photo gallery that runs up our stairs (you can see it in the home tour), so often I’ll print a large photo, and add it to the wall.

      Walgreens does free photo deals pretty often, so I try to find a way to take advantage of those. The latest was a free set of four photo bookmarks. I used a special family photo to make bookmarks to stick in everyone’s Christmas stockings this year. In the past, I’ve used their deals to make free photo Christmas cards, etc.

      I have a pretty decent stash of photo paper that I’ve gotten for free, so when there isn’t a free photo deal, I just print my own pics when I need one for something.

      To ensure we don’t lose photos that we’ve taken on our phone, on an SD cards, etc., I try to transfer them to my computer regularly. We use Crash Plan Pro to back up our computers in real-time, so we don’t lose any work files. It’s set to back up everything, so our photos get backed up, too. Amazon Prime has free photo cloud storage, so if we didn’t have Crash Plan, that’s probably what I would use. Google Drive is another solid option, and can be set to do automatic updates.

      I’m not a big scrapbooker, but nowadays I’d say I favor the photobooks that you can put together online. It’s amazing how nice they turn out. One blogger I follow puts a family yearbook together each year. I love that idea. It just seems like a manageable way to keep your photo stash from getting out of control and a way to capture memories before they’re forgotten. If my kids were still little, I’d probably do that. But mine are old like yours, so I’m sticking with my current system for now 🙂

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