Grocery Shopping at Home Depot

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Grocery Shopping at Home Depot

Sometimes the best grocery deals aren’t at the grocery store. They may even be somewhere completely off the wall, like Home Depot. Not convinced? Check out this deal that I got recently:

Home Depot ran a zombie game on their Facebook page for the month of October (no longer available); and if you played it long enough, you could earn a total of $30 in coupons to use in their lawn & garden section. That’s a lot of free money, and it could be used on all sorts of things – plants, mulch, flower pots or (if you think like me) groceries. You see, since it was October, they had big boxes of pie pumpkins in the lawn & garden section, and they were just begging to be taken home and pureed. So, I picked out $15 worth of pumpkins, and used the rest of my coupons to buy a tree for the backyard.

We’re currently using the pumpkins as Halloween decorations, but as soon as the holiday passes, those suckers are getting pureed. Pumpkin soup, here I come!

And if you think that’s odd, just wait until I tell you about the time that I grocery shopped at the library. The frugal life – it’s many things, but dull sure isn’t one of them.

Have you ever grocery shopped somewhere odd? I’d love to hear about it.

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