Growing Lemons

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Lemon Tree

Well, I did it. After years of thinking about ordering a lemon tree, I finally ordered one – and not a little one either. A big six foot tree that should start producing lemons for us this year. I have a back yard full of fruit trees and bushes that I bought small (and cheap), and I’m still waiting for them to start producing, so this time I decided to go for instant gratification.

After considering all of my options, I selected a Meyer lemon tree from Fast Growing Trees Nursery. Their website says that you’ll have lemons the first season, if you buy their largest size (which I did), and that their trees will continue to fruit when you bring them indoors for the winter. It sounds good, but will it work out that way?

I’d say we’re off to a good start. My tree arrived via Fed-Ex on Friday (about five days after I ordered).

Growing Lemons

And I’m very pleased with the health of my lemon tree. The leaves are bright green, and show no signs of disease.

Lemon Tree Package

And there are buds everywhere!

Lemon Tree Closeup

My husband and I potted it up; and placed it next to a humidifier, until it’s warm enough to take it outdoors.

Lemon Tree

Now, if I could just coax spring into an early arrival.

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