Holiday Leftovers Storage Times Printable

How Long Can I Keep Holiday Leftovers?

By Erin Huffstetler | 04/21/2014 | 2 Comments
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Holiday leftovers provide a welcome break from cooking, but how long do you have to eat everything? Print a copy of my holiday leftovers chart, and use it as your guide. Then, add it to your recipe book, so you can refer to it again, the next time a holiday takes over your fridge.

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  1. Hey I have tried to print this off a couple of times, how big is the page suppose to be?…only prints off like a corner section cause it is so large and I have the printer set for print to page. Am I goofing up some where when printing it off or do i need larger paper? cause I would love to have a print off of this.

    • Hmmm … Well, it’s nothing you’re doing wrong. I just tested it, and got the same result. Let me work on a fix, and I’ll repost it.

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