How Our Family is Handling Coronavirus

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Family Portrait

With all the uncertainty around the Coronavirus outbreak, I wanted to take a minute to tell you how our family is handling things, and what you can expect from My Frugal Home, while this is going on.

This past Tuesday (March 17), Aaron and I made the decision to self-quarantine our family. For the foreseeable future, we won’t be going out in public, or allowing anyone to enter our home. We’re doing this to keep our family safe, and to do our part to help slow the spread of this life-threatening virus.

As long-time frugals, we have plenty of food and supplies on hand, and we’re fortunate to already work from home (and to have a job that we can continue to do).

Senior Picture

But, it still feels surreal. Our oldest daughter is a Senior in high school, so much of our year has been centered around graduation and college. Realizing that there probably won’t be a graduation ceremony is heartbreaking. So, is the possibility that her first semester in college might not even be taught on campus.

Craft Show Display

And it’s more than a little worrisome to know that we aren’t likely to have a craft show season this year, or any orders from the stores that carry our products. This means our blog and our online shop will have to cover our bills.

It’s a lot to digest. And every day there’s more to digest. More closures. More illness. More job loss. It’s hard to stay hopeful with everything that’s going on.

But that’s what our family is choosing to do.

Office Side Porch/Yard in Late May

We’re taking this time at home to catch up on things – yard work, painting projects, house work. We’re carving out time for the things we love – gardening, crafting, reading. We’re enjoying this rare opportunity to slow down and recharge, and we’re making plans for the future.

This week, my oldest daughter and I have been applying for scholarships, and my youngest daughter has been working on her Gold Award project. These activities give us something positive to focus on, and remind us that this difficult moment will pass.

We’re finding ways to pivot, and to make the most of what we have, so we can continue to make progress on our goals. Here are some examples of how I’ll be adjusting my plans:

My Seed Collection

I’m going to plant flower seeds from my collection and take divisions from my existing plants, so I can continue to expand my garden.

Repainted Metal Outdoor Furniture

I’m going to use paint that we already have on hand to paint the house and several pieces of outdoor furniture.

Homemade Scrunchies

I’m going to dip into my craft stash and make things that I can sell, once craft shows resume.

Every day this list grows, as I devise new ways to carry on.

Homemade Turkey Broth

Over the past week, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I can best help you over the coming months. I want this website to be a valuable resource, as you navigate changes in income and available resources and find new ways to fill your days. Here are some things that I’ll be sharing in the coming days:

  • Ingredients Substitutions – I started adding ingredient substitutions to the website in January, and I’ll be accelerating this project to bring you a comprehensive library. As you run out of ingredients, check here first for tried-and-true work-arounds.
  • Simple Recipes with Simple Ingredients – Need help coming up with meals that utilize the things you have in your pantry and freezer? Look here for ideas. My recipe collection already includes recipes for things like baking mixes and simple dinner ideas. And I’ll be working to add even more recipes that call for basics, like beans and canned goods.
  • Cooking How-To’s – To help you gain new skills in the kitchen, I’ll be sharing how-to’s on everything from how to cook dried beans to how to whip up your own condiments, as you run out.
  • Food Preservation and Storage Tips – Avoiding food waste is going to be more important than ever, so I’ll be sharing advice on the best way to store foods, as well as tips on how to tell if certain foods are still safe to eat.

Homemade Aromatherapy Play Dough

While I’ve decided to prioritize food-related content for the next several months, I’ll also be sharing homemade cleaner recipes, simple craft projects, and regular updates on our projects and goals.

If you aren’t already a newsletter subscriber, consider signing up. I’ll be sending out a newsletter each week.

I also encourage you to join the conversation over on the forum. Let’s build a strong community, and help each other get through this.

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  1. Hi Erin,
    I start my day by checking for a new posting from you as your positive attitude makes my day brighter. I have been enjoying the ingredient substitution postings and plan to forward them to my grown kids as well.

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