How to Clean Bath Toys

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How to Clean Bath Toys

In the habit of tossing your kids bath toys when they get mildewy? Save some cash by cleaning them instead.

How to Clean Bath Toys

What You’ll Need:

White vinegar

What You Do:

Fill a sink or a bucket with warm water. Then, add 1/2 cup of vinegar for each gallon of water used (approximations are fine). Toss all the bath toys in. If there are toys with squirters or holes, give them a squeeze to fill them up with the vinegar-water solution. Then, let everything sit for a while.

Come back, and scrub all the toys down. Then, squeeze all the water (and gunk) out of each toy. Repeat the process, if you found a lot of mildew in the toys. Finish by towel-drying everything and setting the toys out to air dry.

Why This Works:

Vinegar contains acetic-acid, which kills mildew and germs and blasts through soap scum.

How to Keep Bath Toys from Mildewing

Take a minute to squeeze the water out of bath toys after each use. Then, dry them off with a towel, and allow them to air-dry before you put them away.

When you get new bath toys, apply a bead of caulk to any hole, so water won’t be able to get inside. Use the rest of the caulk to touch up your tub or shower.

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