How to Decorate Easter Eggs (When You Don’t Have Eggs)

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How to Decorate Easter Eggs (When You Don't Have Eggs) Graphic

Don’t sweat it, if your grocery store is out of eggs (or you forgot to pick some up). Here are a bunch of Easter egg decorating projects that you can still do with your kids.

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies With Buttercream Frosting

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Kids prefer sugar cookies to hard-boiled eggs any day. So, whip up a batch of sugar cookie dough, and make egg-shaped cookies. Here’s my sugar cookie mix recipe. It calls for one egg, but you can easily replace it with one of these egg substitutes.

We didn’t have an egg-shaped cookie cutter, so we just bent a measuring cup slightly to create the shape we needed. You could probably just roll the dough into a slice-and-bake log; then, pinch the top and bottom of each cookie to create an oval. Whatever seems easiest to you.

To decorate our egg cookies, we made a batch of homemade buttercream frosting (here’s my recipe), which we divided, and colored with food coloring. Then, we frosted the cookies and added sprinkles and colored sugar. This was a great way to use up the odds and ends on our baking shelf.

Easter Egg Pancakes

Easter Egg Pancakes

Decorating pancakes is way more fun than dying Easter eggs. So, whip up a batch of egg-shaped pancakes, and let your kids go to town decorating them. We used the leftover buttercream frosting from our cookie project, along with homemade whipped cream and sprinkles. My girls are teenagers, and they still felt like they were getting away with something. That’s the stuff that memories are made of.

Here’s my homemade buttermilk pancake mix, if you need a good pancake mix. It calls for two eggs in the batter, but you could easily use an egg substitute in their place.

Easter Egg Felt Board

Easter Egg Felt Board

This Easter egg felt board is a fun option for younger kids. Just wrap a piece of cardboard with felt, to create the board. Then, cut out a big felt egg, and a bunch of embellishments. I love this project because it allows kids to decorate Easter eggs again and again.

Pack it up with your Easter decorations, so they can enjoy it again next year, or make them new felt shapes for after the holiday passes.

Easter Egg Painted Rocks

Easter Egg Painted Rocks

The rock painting craze is still strong. Take a walk with your kids to collect some egg-shaped rocks. Then, come home, and paint them. Once they’re dry, take turns hiding and finding them in the yard.

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