How to Get Free Movie Tickets

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I like to go to the movies, but I don’t like to pay for movie tickets, so over the years, I’ve uncovered lots of ways to get free movie tickets. Here are all of my tricks, so you can use them, too.

Movie Screening Ticket

Free Movie Screenings

Sometimes movie studios set up free screenings to create buzz around one of their movies. When they do this, they buy out entire showings at theaters across the U.S.; then, they give away all the tickets to regular folks, like you and me. To get in on the action, just sign up with the websites that I recommended in this post, and they’ll email you whenever there’s a free screening in your area.

If you live in or near a major city, you’ll get lots of screening opportunities. But it’s still worth signing up, if you live in a less populated area. I’ve attended several screenings over the years, and I live in East Tennessee. That’s about as far removed from Hollywood and big city life as you can get!

Disney Movie Rewards

Have Disney fans in your house? Then, you should definitely sign up for Disney Movie Rewards. You’ll earn points when you buy Disney movies, music and movie tickets, which you can then redeem for free movie tickets and other Disney loot. When my girls were little, we earned quite a few tickets this way. To maximize your earnings, watch for bonus points emails, and rewards catalog sales.

Free Movie Ticket


Lots of sweepstakes and instant win games offer movie tickets as a prize, and the odds of winning are usually quite good. Since the rules often allow you to win more than once, it’s the ideal way to round up enough tickets to take your whole family to the movies. These types of promotions are especially common around the holidays, so I usually try to win enough tickets for my family of four to see a Christmas movie.

Want to try to win some tickets? SweepstakesFanatics.com maintains a list of all the current movie ticket sweepstakes.

Retail Offers

Food manufacturers often run free movie ticket promotions tied to the latest blockbuster. Just buy a certain number of boxes of cereal or bags of candy, and redeem the codes online to earn a free ticket. These promotions are great because you can usually redeem for multiple movie tickets; and if you pair manufacturer coupons with a sale, the deal becomes even sweeter. General Mills, Ziploc, M&M’s and Yoplait have all run these types of promotions in the past.

DVD and Blu-ray movies sometimes come with free movie tickets, too, and not just expensive new-release movies. I’ve seen deals where you can pay as little as $4 to get a DVD and a ticket.

Tip: While free movie tickets offers like these are usually tied to the release of a specific movie, you may not have to use the tickets to see that movie. Read the find print, and you’ll probably find that the tickets are good for any movie, or at least any movie from that particular movie studio.

Movie Theater Rewards Programs

Nearly every movie theater has a rewards program that allows you to earn free movie tickets and concessions, while giving you access to special discounts and promotions. Sign up; then, study all the details, so you’ll know how to make the most of the program. If you’re a Regal Crown Club member, for example, you can make your points go further by redeeming your rewards through the app or website. A 2D movie ticket is 18,000 points, if you redeem it through the app or website. It’s 20,000 points, if you redeem it in person.

Savings Hack: Theaters sometimes offer their rewards members buy-one-get-one-free movie tickets for specific movies, so be sure to log into your account to check the latest offers before you buy your tickets.

Fandango VIP

Like to avoid the lines by buying your tickets online? Sign up for a free Fandango VIP account, and you’ll earn 125 points for every ticket that you purchase through their website. 500 points is enough to redeem for a $5 reward. To earn free tickets faster, be sure to link your theater rewards cards (Regal Crown Club, AMC Stubs, Disney Movie Rewards, etc.) to your Fandango account. This will allow you to earn rewards through both programs. Gotta love a good double dip!

For even more opportunities to score free tickets, be sure to check out their Free Movie Tickets and Special Offers Page.

Savings Hack: Skip the $1.50-$2 online convenience fee by purchasing your tickets through Facebook. Once you select your theater and movie, it’ll redirect you to the Fandango site to finish the transaction, minus the convenience fee!

Atom Rewards

Prefer to buy your movie tickets through Atom? Then, be sure to sign up for Atoms Rewards. This will allow you to link your theater rewards cards to your account, so you earn points on every purchase, and it’ll also give you access to exclusive discounts and offers. During a recent promotion (now expired), you could earn a free ticket after just four movies. Go here to view all of Atom’s current free movie ticket promotions.

Savings Hack: You can also avoid Atom’s online convenience fee by starting your transaction on Facebook.

Credit Card Rewards

Cash in your credit card rewards for a movie theater gift card. This requires a bit of advanced planning, since you’ll have to wait for your gift card to arrive in the mail, but it’s an easy way to turn your everyday spending into free movie tickets.

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