How to Get New-Release Movies for Free

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Brave Blu-ray

Like to own movies as soon as they come out, but hate to fork over the cash for them? Then, it’s time to become a rebate stacker.

Do a search for the movie that you want to buy and the word “rebate.” If it’s a popular movie, you should turn up multiple rebate offers (and that’s what you’re hoping for). Review the terms of each offer to see if they’ll accept a copy of the receipt instead of the original. If so, you’ll be able to stack multiple rebate offers.

Pair a couple high-value rebates with a sale (or a coupon), and you’re likely to come out with a free or nearly-free movie.

Here’s an example:

The Brave three-disc Combo Pack is currently available on Amazon for $19.99.

And there are four Brave rebate offers up for grabs …

That’s $23 in rebates for a $19.99 movie!

Now, one thing to keep in mind: If a rebate requires a proof-of-purchase tab from your movie, you’ll only be able to submit as many rebates as you have tabs. Most movies have at least two.

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