How to Make a Keychain Lip Balm Holder

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How to Sew a Keychain Lip Balm Holder

Always losing your lip balm? These cute keychain lip balm holders take just five minutes to make. Seriously, I timed it.

At that rate, you could make a dozen of these in an hour. Just find a deal on lip balm, and you’ll have a bunch of stocking stuffers or friend gifts knocked out.

What You Need:

1-1/2 inch-wide grosgrain ribbon
Keychain hardware (I used these 1.5″ lobster clasp swivel hooks, so the lip balm holders would be easy to switch from one bag to another, but even a basic key ring would work.)
Sewing pins
A lighter
A sewing machine (This is the machine that I have)

If you decide to buy ribbon for this project, one three-yard roll is enough to make 12 lip balm holders.

What You Do:

Nine-Inch Piece of Grosgrain Ribbon

Cut a nine-inch long piece of ribbon. Use a lighter to melt the ends, so they won’t fray.

Sew a Half-Inch Hem on One End of the Ribbon

Then, fold one end of the ribbon up one-half inch, and hem. This will create the top for your lip balm pocket.

Add Keychain Hardware and Fold Ribbon Down Two Inches

Thread your keychain hardware through the other end of the ribbon. Then, fold the ribbon down two inches, and pin in place.

Fold Bottom of Ribbon Up Two and Three-Quarters Inches and Pin

Now, fold the hemmed end of the ribbon up two and three-quarter inches, and pin in place.

Sew Across the Top of the Lip Balm Holder

Sew across the top of your lip balm holder to secure the keychain hardware. Place the presser foot against the bottom edge of the hardware, to get your hem in the right spot.

Sew Down the Sides of the Lip Balm Holder

Then, sew down both sides of the lip balm pocket; trim any threads, and your lip balm holder is ready to put into service.

Closeup of Lip Balm Holders

Clip your lip balm holder on your keys, or attach it to a purse or backpack, so you’ll always know where your lip balm is when you need it.

My Frugal Home Aromatherapy Inhalers

These lip balm holders are also the perfect size for our aromatherapy inhalers, if you’re looking for a handy place to store yours.

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