How to Make a Seed Planting Ruler

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How to Make a Seed Planting Ruler

See that funny piece of wood with the holes in it? It’s a seed planting ruler, and it makes planting your garden faster and easier. Just lay it down in your garden bed, and drop seeds into the holes to get your spacing right and to keep your rows straight. Here’s how it’s made.

Step 1: Start with a board that’s similar in size to a yard stick and cut it to whatever length you want. I used a piece of scrap board that was 39-inches long, so I chose 36 inches for mine.

Step 2: Draw a line down the center of the board from one end to the other. Then, measure and make a mark at every inch along the center-line.

Step 3: Drill holes through the board at every place that you made a mark in the previous step.

Step 4: Number the holes like a ruler and you’re ready to plant!


  • If you have a wooden ruler or yard stick on hand, use it to make your seed planting ruler
  • If you’re a square foot gardener, keep your ruler to one foot

A seed planting ruler will help you to …

  • Plant your seeds faster
  • Space your seeds properly
  • Keep your garden rows straight
  • Cut back on the need to thin seedlings
  • Work with small (and difficult-to-handle) seeds like carrots and lettuce

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