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How to Sew a Terry Cloth Headband

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How to Make a Terrycloth Headband

Make one of these terry cloth headbands, to keep your hair out of your way when you’re washing your face, applying makeup, using a face mask or taking a bath. It’s made with a double layer of terry cloth, so it’s super absorbent, and there’s an adjustable hook and loop closure that allows you to customize the fit. These sew up quickly, and make a great gift for women and teen girls.

You can use terry cloth yardage to make your headbands, or cut them out of a towel. One bath towel will make approximately eight headbands, so this is a really inexpensive project.

How to Customize the Fit of Your Headband

I designed these headbands to fit the average woman’s head (22″-23″ diameter). If you need to make yours bigger or smaller, just measure the diameter of your head, and add 3″ to your measurement.

Terrycloth Headband Sewing Tutorial

What You’ll Need:

Optional (but nice to have):

What You Do:

Cut Terrycloth for Headband

Cut a strip of terry cloth to size.

Fold Terrycloth in Half

Fold it in half lengthwise, and secure with pins or sewing clips.

Trace Around Glass

To create a curve on each end of the headband, trace around a drinking glass.

Cut Curve on Both Ends of Headband

Then, cut out your curves.

Sew a 1/8-Inch Seam Around Headband

Sew a 1/8″ seam all the way around the headband, to tack the two layers together.

Fold Ribbon in Half

To create a binding for the edge of the headband, fold grosgrain ribbon lengthwise, so that the back of the ribbon overhangs the front by 1/16″. Iron in the crease (on a low temperature setting), or finger-press it.

Then, pin, or clip, the ribbon over the raw edge of the terry cloth.

How to Do the Binding Around the Curve

To bend the ribbon around the curved ends, just add a few pleats.

Bind the Edge of the Headband With Ribbon

When you make it back around to where you started, cut the ribbon so that it overlaps the other end of the ribbon by a few inches. Then, fold the end under, so there’s nothing to fray, and pin it in place.

Zig-Zag Stitch Around the Binding

Flip your terry cloth headband over to make sure the binding looks good on both sides. Then, zig-zag stitch around the ribbon to secure it to the headband.

Pin Hook and Loop to Ends of Headband

Finish by sewing a piece of hook and loop strip on each end, to create an adjustable closure for your terry cloth headband.

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