How to Make Honey Soap

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How to Make Honey Soap

This soap looks like honey comb, smells like honey, and takes less than five minutes to make. Here’s my super-simple recipe.

How to Make Honey Soap

What You Need:

Glycerin melt-and-pour soap base
A Pyrex measuring cup (or microwave-safe bowl)
A soap mold
Bubble wrap

What You Do:

Chop Up Glycerin

Chop your glycerin soap base into cubes. This will help it to melt faster. Use 1/3 pound of glycerin for every bar of soap that you’re making.

Melt the Glycerin

Microwave the glycerin for 30 seconds at a time, until it’s fully melted.

Measure Honey By Weight

While you’re waiting for the glycerin to melt, measure your honey. You’ll need one ounce of honey (by weight) for every bar of soap that you’re making.

Add the Honey to the Melted Glycerin

Add the honey to the melted glycerin. Stir it in until it’s well incorporated.

Pour Honey Soap Base into Molds

Then, pour your honey soap base into your molds.

Ice Cream Cups Used as Soap Molds

I used paper ice cream cups from the Dollar Tree as my molds. You can use whatever you want. If your molds are bigger or smaller than mine, you may need to adjust your quantities a bit.

Cut Bubble Wrap to Fit the Top of Your Soap Molds

Cut a piece of bubble wrap to fit inside the top of your mold.

Press Bubble Wrap into the Top of Soap

Then gently press the bubble wrap into the surface of your soap with the bubble side facing down.

Lift Bubble Wrap After Soap Hardens

Allow the soap to cool and harden completely. Then, lift the bubble wrap off, and unmold your soap. Your soap may feel a little oily to the touch. Just let it sit out a bit, and that’ll go away.

Honey is a natural humectant, which basically means that it pulls moisture from the air and draws it to your skin. This makes honey an awesome addition to soap recipes, as does the wonderful lather that it produces.

Bars of Honey Soap

Make a batch for yourself. Then, make more to give as gifts.

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  1. That looks so easy! I should try that…..I have dry skin, and skin issues. I use Dr Bronner’s castille tea tree oil liquid soap, and while I like it….it’s boring! lol

    Honey is also an antibacterial agent, and my skin needs that 🙂


  2. How much in liquid measurement is 1oz of honey vs weighed? Also, how long does it need to “set” in the molds before removing them?

  3. How long will the soap keep for? Wondered if it was too early to start making it for Christmas presents

    1. You may want to wait and make it a bit closer to Christmas. Since the recipe uses raw honey, the soap will eventually crystallize just like a jar of honey. I think it looks cool when it does, but if you want your bars to have that transparent look that honey has, it’s better to wait.

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