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How to Make Jean Pocket Potholders

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How to Sew Jean Pocket Potholders

Save the pockets from your worn out jeans, and use them to make a set of potholders, complete with pockets for your hands.

Jean Pocket Potholders With Blue and Burgundy Floral

I just made a bunch of these to give as Christmas gifts. As grungy as potholders tend to get, I think most people could use a replacement set – especially a nice set like these.

They’re bigger than most store-bought potholders, and have a triple layer of batting, to protect your hands.

I plan to fill the pockets with a couple of my homemade mixes, but you could just as easily fill them with fresh-baked cookies or an assortment of small kitchen tools.

Here’s how they’re made.

Jean Pocket Potholders With Sunflowers

Jean Pocket Potholder Tutorial

These instructions make a nine-inch potholder. Figure on about 30 minutes for each one. If you have a couple worn out potholders, you can use them in place of the batting that’s called for. It’ll basically be like creating a slipcover for them.

Old Jeans

When it comes to picking a pair of jeans, bigger is definitely better. You want a nice, big pocket that you can easily slip your hands into, and plenty of fabric in the seat to work with. I would avoid pairs with rivets, so you don’t have to worry about them getting hot, or scratching surfaces.

Cut Pieces for Jean Pocket Potholder

For Each Potholder You Will Need:

Optional (but nice to have):

Warning: Insul-Bright insulates these potholders, without adding a bunch of bulk. But it contains aluminum, so these potholders aren’t microwave safe. Since synthetic fabrics and threads might melt, if they come into contact with hot dishes, I recommend sticking to 100% cotton fabric and thread for this project.

What You Do:

Cut Out the Jean Pockets

Cut out a 9.5-inch square from the back of the jeans that includes the pocket. A square quilting ruler template is helpful for this step because you can move it around, until you find the way it fits best. I tried to center the pockets as much as possible, and did my best to avoid thick seams around the edges, where I knew I would be sewing.

Mark 1.5-inches in on All Sides of Baking Fabric

Lay your backing fabric down on your work surface, good side facing down. Then, mark 1.5″ in on all sides. This piece is bigger than the rest because you’re going to use it to create both the backing and the binding for your potholder.

Stack and Pin the Layers for Your Potholder

Center a piece of batting between the marks you just made. Then, layer on the Insul-Bright, the other piece of batting and your jean pocket piece. Make sure everything is neatly stacked; then, pin in place, so the layers won’t shift while you’re sewing.

Fold the Edging Down at the Top and Bottom

To create the binding for your potholder, fold the top and bottom edges down, so that they meet the other pieces of fabric and batting.

Cut a Rectangle Of Fabric Out of Each Corner

Carefully trim a rectangle out of each corner. This will eliminate some bulk, so your sewing machine has fewer layers to sew through.

Fold the Corners In

Then, fold the remaining corners in, like you’re wrapping a present …

Fold the Remaining Fabric Flap in to Meet Other Layers

and fold the fabric flaps down, so they meet the other pieces of fabric and batting.

Fold the Binding Over the Edge of the Potholder

Now, fold the binding over the edge of your potholder, and pin or clip in place. You should now have a nice, neat binding, complete with mitered corners.

Jean Pocket Potholders With Tropical Floral

Sew a 1/8″ seam all the way around the edge of the binding. Then, add a loop for hanging, and your potholder is complete!

Denim Blue Jean Potholders

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