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How to Make Lavender Dryer Bags

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How to Sew Lavender Dryer Bags

Ditch the dryer sheets for something better. These lavender dryer bags get their scent from dried lavender, rather than a bunch of synthetic fragrances, and they’re reusable.

Make a set for yourself. Then, make several more to give as gifts. These require very little fabric, so they’re the perfect project to help you use up some of your fabric scraps.

What You Need:

Cotton fabric
Dried lavender (from your garden or store-bought)
A ruler
Sewing pins
A sewing machine (This is the machine that I have)

Optional (But Nice to Have)

An air or water-soluble marker
A self-healing cutting mat
A rotary cutter (I use an Olfa 45mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter)

What You Do:

Cut Fabric for Dryer Bags

Cut out four 4.5″ x 4.5″ fabric squares; and pin them together, good sides facing in.

Double Stitch Your Dryer Bags

Then, sew a half-inch seam around three sides, leaving the fourth side open for turning and filling. Since your dryer bags need to be able to stand up to multiple trips through the dryer, I recommend double-stitching the seams.

Use a Funnel to Fill Dryer Bags

Trim the excess fabric around your seams. Then, turn the fabric right-side out; push out the corners; and fill each bag with 1/2 cup of dried lavender. A funnel makes this step easier. If you don’t have one, a rolled up piece of paper works just as well.

Dried Lavender in Dryer Bag

Once you’ve filled both bags, fold the top seam in; pin; and sew shut. I recommend double-stitching this seam, too.

Finished Lavender Dryer Bags

Your lavender dryer bags should maintain their scent for around 10 dryer loads. When they start to lose their scent, just add a few drops of lavender essential oil to each bag to restore their wonderful fragrance.

Try This: Add a zipper or Velcro closure to the top of each dryer bag, so you can refill them with dried lavender, as needed.

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  1. I LOVE these!!!! We don’t dry our clothes in the dryer (when I wash, I put vinegar in as fabric softener), but put them in the dryer for 10 min to get the wrinkles out (1. most of our clothes are cotton and 2. like my mom always said, the dryer is hard on clothes and makes them wear out sooner…think lint trap = clothes breaking down;) and we would hang the rest on hangers. Everything else we would put on the dry bars or clothes line. I think I would use the zipper method though (and put a small safety pin in behind the zipper for extra protection, as I have had things get caught on items with velcro and they got torn). Am going to make some for me AND Christmas gifts…thank your all that you do.

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