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How to Make Lavender Sugar

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Lavender Sugar

Whip up a batch of lavender sugar for a quick and easy way to add the fragrance and flavor of lavender to your favorite foods and drinks. This simple two-ingredient recipe has loads of gift potential, which is why I’ve included free, printable labels that you can use to package it.

What is Lavender Sugar?

Lavender sugar is nothing more than granulated sugar that’s been infused with lavender. In this recipe, the sugar is infused by grinding dried culinary lavender and stirring it into the sugar. Easy. In fact, it’s so easy it kind of makes you wonder why companies charge so much for lavender sugar.

How Do You Use Lavender Sugar?

You can use lavender sugar in place of the granulated sugar called for in just about any recipe. It’s a simple 1:1 swap.

Use lavender sugar to:

  • sweeten lemonade, hot or iced tea and cocktails
  • flavor cakes, cookies, muffins and other baked goods
  • make lavender whipped cream, ice cream or frosting
  • decorate the top of iced cakes and cookies, or rim glasses

Just don’t use it in candy recipes that call for boiling a sugar syrup. The lavender bits are likely to make the sugar crystallize.

Closeup of Lavender Sugar

Lavender Sugar Recipe

This recipe makes two cups of lavender sugar. Small batches work best in this instance; so if you need more than two cups, just make additional batches.


Be sure your lavender is labeled as “culinary lavender.” Some lavender varieties work well for cooking; others work well for perfumes and soaps. English lavender varieties (Lavandula angustifolia), like Munstead, Hidcote and Royal Velvet, work best in this recipe.

If you happen to grow English lavender in your garden, you can certainly use your own lavender. Otherwise, just pick some up from a farmer’s market, or order it online. Your local grocery store may also stock it with the spices.

What You Do:

Place Dried Lavender Buds in Spice Grinder

Measure the dried lavender into a coffee/spice grinder. This is the one that I own.

Ground Lavender

Pulse the lavender, until it’s finely ground.

Jar of Lavender Sugar

Then, stir the ground lavender into the granulated sugar. Use your lavender sugar right away, or store it in an air-tight container, until you’re ready to use it. It’ll keep in the pantry for months.

Lavender and Sugar Ground in Food Processor

If you don’t own a spice grinder, you can also grind the lavender in a food processor. The bowl of a food processor is much larger than the bowl of a spice grinder, so you’ll need to add a handful of your sugar to bring the lavender up to the height of the blade. Just don’t pulse the mixture any longer than you have to to grind the lavender, or you’ll end up with powdered sugar.

As you can see from the photo, the lavender won’t be anywhere near as finely ground as the batch that was ground in the spice grinder.

Lavender Sugar Label

While you have the ingredients out, why not make a few extra batches for gifting? Lavender sugar makes a wonderful hostess gift or party favor. It also works well in a basket of homemade food gifts. As promised, here are some free, printable labels that you can use to finish off your lavender sugar.

Printable Lavender Sugar Labels

These labels are designed to fit wide-mouth jars, and print 12-to-a-page. Print them on a full-sheet of sticker sheet (i.e. shipping label sheet), Then, cut them out, or punch them out using a 2.5-inch circle punch.

If you have an inkjet printer, use Avery 8165. If you have a laser printer, use Avery 5265. I like to label my pantry containers with vinyl sheet. It’s water-proof and dishwasher-safe, so you can refill the container again and again without having to relabel it. Just make sure you buy vinyl that’s designed to works with your type of printer. The vinyl sheet for laser and ink jet printers is NOT interchangeable.

Print Lavender Sugar Labels

Many web browsers have their own built-in PDF viewers, but they tend to be buggy. If you’re having trouble printing or editing one of our printables, click here for help.

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Lavender Sugar

How to Make Lavender Sugar

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Whip up a batch of this lavender sugar, so you can easily add lavender flavor to drinks and foods.

  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: 2 cups 1x




Grind the dried lavender in a coffee/spice grinder or food processor.

Stir the ground lavender into the sugar, and store in an air-tight container.

Use as a 1:1 replacement for the granulated sugar called for in just about any recipe. Just don’t use it in candy recipes that call for boiling a sugar syrup. The lavender is likely to cause the sugar to crystallize.


Use your lavender sugar to sweeten lemonade, hot or iced tea, coffee, cocktails, cakes, muffins, cookies and biscuits, or use it to make a batch of lavender whipped cream or ice cream. Yum!

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