How to Make Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

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How to Make Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Pull those tomato cages back out of the shed; it may not be garden season, but you can put them to work as Christmas decorations.

My husband and I created the six lighted Christmas trees that you see above, using nothing more than tomato cages and some strands of 75%-off lights that we purchased after Christmas last year.

Here’s how to recreate the project for your home:

Step 1: Flip the first tomato cage over, so that the wide, top portion of the cage becomes the bottom of your tree.

Step 2: If you plan to use your cages in the garden again … Simply wrap a bit of twine or wire around the prongs that you’d normally stick into the ground. This will form the top of your tree.

If you have enough tomato cages to turn some into Christmas trees permanently … Bend the first prong over to the opposite side, and loop it around the first tier of the cage. Form a point for the tree with your fingers. Repeat with the remaining prongs.

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Form

We’re forever finding tomato cages in curb piles, so we chose the permanent route. Next year, we’ll just haul our trees out and plug them in.

Step 3: Wrap a stand of lights around your tree form.

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Wrapped in Lights

Step 4: Repeat until you have as many Christmas trees as you want. Then, plug them in, and enjoy!

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  1. I’ve seen a couple different designs for tomato cage Christmas trees, but this is the simplest and safest one so far. I like the fact that the sharp, pointy ends of the stakes don’t stick up and out and pose a saftey hazard–especially in the dark. I also like the fact that you don’t have to use wire (which is always missing in the basement) to tie the ends together, since they loop nicely around the cage.

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