How to Organize Batteries

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How to Organize Batteries

A few years back we bought an antique workbench to use in our kitchen, and that pretty much took care of our junk drawer woes.

Junk Drawer

See how big the junk drawer is? There’s plenty of space for everything. Except batteries, evidently. Because no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find a good way to store them. Then, I was reading iHeartOrganizing the other day, and I came across the perfect solution.

Utility Box

She used a plastic utility box with adjustable compartments to organize her batteries, and she even included a compartment for her recharger. Smart.

Now, I don’t usually shop retail, but I decided to make an exception this time, so I headed to Walmart this afternoon to see what I could find. I checked the hardware and storage sections first, but they didn’t have anything with large enough compartments. So, I headed over to the craft department, where I found the same box that she used. It’s the large utility box made by Creative Options, and it sells for $5.97. They had an even larger box for $7.97, but oddly enough, it had smaller compartments, so I passed on that one.

Battery Organizer

After we got back from sledding (priorities), I rounded up all of our batteries, and sorted them by size and type. Alkaline batteries went in the first two rows, and rechargeable batteries went in the back row. I used the plastic dividers the box came with to create compartments for each size, and to keep the batteries ends from touching each other. See how I have a divider between each row of AA batteries? This will ensure that they don’t get drained while they’re being stored, and eliminate any fire hazard.

Once I had everything arranged, I even had enough room for our battery tester. Perfect.

Battery Organizer Closeup

I used my label maker to label all of the compartments, so batteries will be easy to find (and easy to put away). Then, I popped my lid off, just as she did, and tucked my new battery organizer in a drawer. Since, I didn’t have enough room in the box for our battery chargers, I just tucked them next to the batteries.

Drawer with Battery Organizer

Such an improvement, and way cheaper than any battery organizer I could have bought.

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  1. I certainly enjoy finding “My Fugal Home” amongst my e-mails.You certainly make my day with all your “super” hints,keep up the good work. Where did you purchase the Sperry Battery charger? thanks

    1. Hi Esther,

      It’s actually a Sperry digital multimeter. We use it to test batteries. It was a gift from my dad several years back, so I’m not sure where he got it, but they sell them on Amazon. This is similar to what we have: Sperry Digital Multimeter. We have a couple different battery chargers that we use. I can’t really say that one stands out as being better than the rest. They all seem to get the job done. Hope that helps.

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