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How to Organize Family Records

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How to Organize Family Records

Next stop on the organization tour? Family records. After redoing my filing system over the holidays (do I know how to party or what?), I decided they deserved their own binder.

Family Records Spine

And that, of course, led to another pretty binder cover. Here’s the link, if you’d like to print a copy for yourself.

Family Records Dividers

Once I had the outside of my binder taken care of, I shifted my attention to the inside. After sifting through all of my papers to see what I had (I’ll spare you the picture of that), I settled on these categories for my family records:

  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Health Insurance
  • Driving Records
  • Genealogy

Pocket Dividers

Since I knew I’d be adding things to my binder regularly, I used a pack of pocket dividers to create the sections. If you’re interested in the specifics, these are Avery BigTab Pocket Dividers. I like the tall pockets on these because they do a good job of holding everything in.

And since I bought an eight-pack, I have two extra folders for expansion. Gotta love that!

Following along on my organization journey? Stick with me, and you’ll have a complete binder system by the time we’re done. Here are the first two binders, in case you missed them:

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  1. Good morning!! Could I get a copy of this “Family Record” binder covers? When I click the link, it request a password. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


    1. I tuck any research I’ve done on my family’s history in that section — ship manifests from when ancestors first came to the U.S., old marriage licenses, stuff like that.

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