How to Organize Scissors

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How to Organize Scissors

My daughters love to create as much as I do, so I’ve been working to organize our arts and craft supplies in a way that makes things easy to find (and hopefully just as easy to put away). We have a gazillion pairs of scissors (the result of my love for vintage scissors), yet I never seem to be able to find a pair when I need them. Frustrating!

Last weekend, my husband spotted a hand towel holder at a yard sale, and carried it over to ask if I had a use for it. It matched the stuff in our upstairs bathroom – so I’m sure that’s what he had in mind – but when I looked at it, I saw a scissor holder!

After rounding up all of our scissors (a major undertaking that involved unannounced bedroom inspections), I’m happy to report that it’s perfect for the job. And better still: my kids have been putting away the scissors when they’re done with them.

A few of our craft scissors (that cut fancy edges) had handles that were too small to fit over the end of the towel bars. I solved the problem by tying a loop of ribbon to the handles and hanging them from that.

And an unexpected bonus of this set up: We now have a rack that’s easy to carry to wherever we’re working.

Want to see what else I’ve done to organize our arts and craft supplies? You’ll find some of my recent projects here.

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  1. First – loved the towel rack as a scissor caddy tip.
    Second – loved the work-around for scissors and stuff that did not fit.

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