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How to Organize Tax Records

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Printable Tax Binder

Taxes aren’t fun, but the right filing system can make them more bearable. Set up a binder for your tax documents now, so you’ll have a place to stick all those receipts and other must-keep papers as they come in.

Cover of Tax Binder

Here’s a printable cover that you can use for your binder.

Spine of Printable Tax Binder

It includes a front, back and spine.

Tax Binder Tabs

Everyone’s tax situation is different, so set your binder up in a way that works best for you. Mine needs to corral both business and personal tax documents, so these are the tabbed sections that I created:

  • W-9 Forms
  • Estimated Tax Forms
  • 1099 Forms
  • Income
  • Expenses/Deductions

Printable Income Tracker

Here’s a free printable that you can use to track your income throughout the year.

Print Income Tracker

Printable Tax Deductions Tracker

And here’s one that you can use to keep up with your tax deductions.

Printable Deductions Tracker

Blank W-9 Forms

To make my life easier, I also bulk print copies of the tax forms that I use regularly at the beginning of the year.

Need More Help Getting Organized? Then, be sure to check out the rest of my binder system.

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  1. Doing taxes is really taxing.

    I pay almost all my bills with my credit that is paid off in full each month by my checking account. The rest are checks with a note on the check if it is deductible.

    Most credit cards online have a spreadsheet divided into categories like “Health.” I just highlight and print “health” after hitting the add button and then print. Next, I print up all my checks that are deductions and add them. Grab all the mail that is marked for income on the envelop. I’m done.

    I go to a CPA’s home and his advice has saved me thousands of $ and headaches. I don’t mean H and R Block as they have no incentive other than to say “next.” I think it is false economy not to have one.

  2. Thank you. It is effective and a lot easier to quickly find what we need when it comes to pay those tax bills.

    I am from Quebec province (Canada) and here we have, according to me, to many taxes, because we are govern by two gouvernments, one provincial and national, which makes the classification a bit complicated.

    Discovering your web site and finding your tricks about tax documents classification was a helping long time expected.

    Thank you again and keep going on your good work.

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