How to Remove Permanent Marker

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Permanent Markers

Permanent marker isn’t nearly as permanent as the name suggests. Learn how to remove it, and you’ll be able to:

  • get those annoying permanent marker price tags off of thrift store items
  • take other people’s names off of yard sale finds
  • change the name on hand-me-down items
  • save items that your kids scribbled on after finding your permanent marker stash
  • clean marker bleed through off of desks and table tops

To Remove Permanent Marker from Plastic …

Work rubbing alcohol into the spot, and wipe it clean. It should take the marker right off. No rubbing alcohol on hand? Just color over the area with a dry erase marker or rub some hand sanitizer into it, and wipe the surface clean. Since both contain rubbing alcohol they work just as well.

To Remove Permanent Marker from Finished Wood Surfaces …

Gently scrub the spot with white toothpaste until it lifts. Then, rinse clean. (An old toothbrush makes the perfect scrub brush.)

To Remove Permanent Marker from Clothing …

Lay a clean rag or a stack of paper towels under the stain. Then, apply rubbing alcohol to the spot, and blot to transfer the ink to the rag. Keep changing the rag underneath, so that the ink doesn’t transfer back to the clothing. Once all the ink is out, rinse the garment. Then, throw it in the wash.

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