How to Repair a Leaky Garden Hose

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Leaky Garden Hose

Leaky garden hoses are an easy fix. Once you learn how to repair your own, you may just find yourself rescuing hoses from curb piles, like I do.

Ready to give it a try? Here’s how it’s done …

What You’ll Need:

A Hose Mender

A Utility Knife

What You Do:

Leaky Garden Hose

Turn the water on and pinpoint the location of the leak.

How to Repair a Leaky Garden Hose

Cut out the leaky section of the hose with a utility knife (Be sure to turn the water off first).

Slide the Hose Clamps On

Loosen the screws on the hose clamps, and slide one onto each end of the cut hose.

Insert the Hose Couplers

Insert the coupler into each hose end. It’ll take a bit of twisting, turning and grunting to get it to go in.

Position and Tighten Hose Clamps

Slide the clamps down to the site of the repair, and tighten the screws.

Check Your Hose for Leaks

Turn the water on, and check for leaks.

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  1. Mending the hose will work a bit easier if you add a little liquid dishwashing soap to the coupler at each end.
    Work with one end at a time with the soap or you could get a slippery mess.
    Happy mending

    1. Becky, if you have one spot that kinks over and over again, a mender should take care of it (there may be a permanent bend in that part of the hose that just needs to be cut out).

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