How to Replace a Window Screen

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Damaged Window Screen

Two summers of intense hail storms left our window screens in bad shape, so we’ve been working on replacing them this week. Need to replace some of yours, too? Here’s how it’s done:

Window Screen Replacement Tools

What You’ll Need:

Window Screening (at least 2″ wider than your screen frame)
A screen tool
A utility knife
A small, flathead screwdriver

What You Do:

Remove the Spline

Remove the spline. Start in a corner with a small, flathead screwdriver. Then, once you get a hold of it, pull the rest out by hand.

Remove the Window Screen

Remove the old screening.

Position the New Window Screen

Lay the new screening over the frame, overlapping the spline groove on all sides.

Re-insert the Spline

Using the concave wheel on the screen tool, re-insert the spline and roll it into the groove. Be sure to keep the screening straight and tightly stretched, as you roll. It helps to have a few extra hands for this step.

Trim off the Excess Screen

Trim off the excess screening on the outside edge of the spline groove. Then, re-install your window screen.

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